teacher fed puppy to a turtle

Turtle who ate a ‘sick’ puppy has been euthanized

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A snapping turtle, who was reported to have eaten a live, albeit “sick” puppy, has been euthanized. According to ABC News 4, the turtle, who was allegedly provided with the puppy-meal by an Idaho science teacher, was killed because the Idaho State Department of Agriculture considers it to be an invasive species.

The presence of the snapping turtle in the Preston Junior High School classroom came to light after news spread about the live puppy being fed to the reptile in front of students. Upon learning about the snapping turtle, officials with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture seized the reptile and “humanely” euthanized it.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the teacher, identified as Robert Crosland, was given a “sick and deformed” puppy by someone in the community. According to the report, the puppy was dying. Crosland allegedly placed the puppy into the water and the turtle ate it after the pup drowned.

The situation remains under investigation.

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30 replies
  1. slv says:

    That teacher needs to be fired. Even if the turtle ate the puppy after it drown, what kind of teacher would put an animal in water to suffer a terrible death as drowning. That is one cold, heartless “teacher”.

  2. Marni says:

    This teacher and the school that has not fired him are very sick human beings. Why didn’t they just give the turtle to a wild life sanctuary?

    • Duree Douglas says:

      Snapping turtles are NOT a native species and harm the natural environment. They are a nasty creature and consume their prey in a very torturous manner.

  3. Donna L Hawkins says:

    This is inexcusable on so many levels!! A teacher doing that to puppy!, in front of children is unbelievable! Why hasn’t he been arrested? Why did he have a dangerous turtle not from the area? Outrageous!

  4. PAMELA D says:

    The teacher needs to be fired. There was no way to help this puppy survive? The sick POS should have fed himself to the turtle and now the turtle is dead. Hope the useless bastard is happy and his life is fucked.

  5. Michele Conte says:

    Two innocent animals dead because of one demented human being! And how many young students are permanently affected mentally by watching a live puppy thrown to a reptile and eaten? This guy is a teacher? He should be fired!

  6. Red says:

    That so called LOUSY, WORTHLESS excuse for a teacher deserves to be fired!! You should be teaching kids compassion and care for animals….not tossing sick one’s to large animals or reptiles to BE EATEN…..this is sick and hopefully that teacher will be fired!

  7. Bunny Peters says:

    Good start!!!!! Next step is to fire the teacher and prosecute him for animal cruelty for failure to get veterinary help for that puppy……..

  8. PAMELA D says:

    Sick teacher throw him to the wild hogs while he is alive and he can feel the pain. Hope somebody tortures this scumbag


    that’s fucked up, the turtle should NOT have been killed, should have been relocated to a state that would rehab the turtle, lots of other options other then killing it, and don’t get me started on drowning a puppy and feeding it to the turtle, 2 animals die because of this man, if it was up to me, the man should have been fed to lions, tigers ans bears alive, He should be fired and charged,

  10. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t get it, the turtle had to die because some idiot fed it a puppy? They couldn’t relocate the turtle? I don’t care if the puppy was deformed and dying, this is no way to dispose of a sick and dying animal! You DON’T feed it to a turtle!

  11. Linda Patton says:

    That idiot teacher needs to be charged with torture, abuse, mental anguish of that innocent puppy. He should be in prison!!!

  12. Mary Ann Clark says:

    The puppy and the turtle died because of humans who are unpunished! The real criminals are the teacher, the puppy’s owners, the students who stood by and did nothing and the entire school system that allowed this to happen! The only innocent victims were the puppy and the turtle! All the humans are a danger to society and need maximum prison sentences!

    • Michael Coulter says:

      Don’t blame the students, I’m pretty sure that they’re traumatized enough!

      What could they have done?

      The blame lies with the POS “Teacher” who thought that his disgusting behavior was appropriate.

  13. diane danielson says:

    why why would you throw a sick suffering puppy in the tank to drown which is a horrible death in front of kids we need to teach all students that a life is precious and to respect all life. I am sick over this .

  14. Lorraine Thrasher says:

    Perhaps people should become informed on the history of Preston, Idaho and the part played by the original community in the genocide of Native American people, along with the history of the Mormon cult. Might explain the mindset. I do tend to forget that non-white male history is no longer taught in the US, so maybe I am just dreaming of a better educated and more humane society.

  15. Rebecca Soubra says:

    This teacher needs to be fired! How sad these two innocents animals had to die because of this sick inhumane person!

  16. Marsha Squibb says:

    Effen s.o.b.! Teacher has NO empathy or smarts,glad he doesn’t teach my kids!Puppy should have been humanly euthanized,turtle should have gone to a zoo or sanctuary AND the bastard who turned the puppy over to the teacher is quite possibly the worst in this.!!Hate humans!!!!

  17. Daniel M. Armstrong says:

    Why does it sound like people are trying to passively justify the teachers action, or mitigate the cruelty? Statements like “the puppy was sick”, or “the puppy was deformed”, or the puppy drowned before being eaten, have no bearing on the situation what so ever.
    It was a innocent, helpless puppy. Dogs deserve better from us humans. They have served and suffered along side humanity for countless ages. Even a puppy has only one primary drive, to belong to pack (of humans and dogs), to be loved, and to give love. If a dog has to be euthanized, we owe it to them to do so with as little pain and fear as possible, with dignity and respect, honoring the bond between humans and dogs.

  18. Nancy Raymond says:

    They euthanized the wrong species – this piss poor excuse of a human, much less a teacher should have been put down, instead the Dept of Agriculture picked on an innocent animal who had no choice to be where he was – Crosland is one prime example of an animal abuser – his actions have been ignored by the school system and apparently approves of his cruelty, then the parents of these students best be aware next time he may use one of their kids as food. He obviously has no morals or ethics when it comes to animal welfare. Good example Idaho.

  19. Valerie says:

    This is just a ==SICK== SICK== DEPLORABLE abhorrent story…..this man should definitely be FIRED…there is certainly something mentally wrong with him….and to think….he is supposedly *teaching* children ???? What kind of school board would employ such a despicable individual ??????????

  20. Dana says:

    This sickening story makes me literally want to throw up. If my teacher did this when I was a student or any other time,
    I would need therapy and most likely a lobotomy to hopefully forget this gruesome, shameful killing of a live puppy. Now what, both animals are dead and a bunch of school kids are damaged from this horrific act. This is unforgivable! ????????

  21. Chris-John Evans says:

    Absolutely disgusting the puppy should have been put to sleep What was this CLOWN of a Teacher thinking about has he been suspended why did he let the puppy drown an awful death as the inevitable was to happen anyway but a quicker method of the pup put to sleep
    The “Sick Bastard “did he show no feelings or is this to be expected in class of how to be cruel to a animals last breath on thois Planet they only live a short time with us why be so offensive the sick Bastard that he is I hope near his time of death he is in same position & is fed to a pack of Lions or something like Pirhanas would be better the Bastard hope he losses his job over this

  22. Michael Coulter says:

    Not justifying the euthanization of the Turtle, but Snappers are dangerous, mean animals – they eat live prey all of the time, often crippling an animal, who then takes days to die, sometimes even feeding on animals more than once. They attack humans whenever presented with the opportunity to do so, and I’ve killed quite a few of them over the years, to protect my family. Relocating them just means putting others at risk, to save an animal who is in no way endangered. If you’ve ever seen a live Snapping Turtle, you know how terrifying they look, and how disgusting they smell.

    The puppy that was drowned, and fed to the Turtle is the animal deserving of compassion – drowning is the worst way I can think of to die, with death from fire being the only way to die that could be worse, imo. That puppy was drowned, then fed to the turtle by a monster of a teacher, who somehow thought that his behavior was appropriate.

    He needs to be shown just how INAPPROPRIATE his behavior was, by losing his job!

    For the sake of his students, present or future!


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