Louie’s eyes tell his awful story: Mastiff getting help he deserves

For months, Louie the Mastiff wandered in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. His eyes tell his awful story, and the abuse this dog has suffered makes rescuers angry and sad. On Saturday, Louie was rescued; he would finally get the help he deserves.


“Just look at that mangled foot, look at his open wound on his hip, look at his back,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on the organization’s social media page. “His skin is lifeless and hardened like cement, but dogs like Louie are why we are here and doing what we do.”

Veterinarians were also horrified at the abuse this dog must have endured. His hind leg had been damaged months ago and will have to be amputated. At this time, however Louie is too weak to survive surgery. First he will need to put on weight and regain some of his lost strength. And even though this boy has suffered from lack of care and human neglect, his tail still wags, and he remains sweet to everyone he meets.

Louie deserves the best. To donate, please click here: (https://www.paypal.me/rescuedogsrocknyc)

Updates to follow.

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