Bicyclists rescue emaciated dog left to die tethered to tree

Bicyclists rescued an emaciated dog in Portugal tied to a tree and tangled in a tether unable to move and abandoned in the forest. The Spanish rescue organization, Associacion Animalista Libera posted the video of the starving dog to its Facebook page over the weekend; the emotionally packed rescue of the dog has gone viral with over 1.3 million views.

The nearly four-minute video shows the dog tied very close to the tree and barely able to move. Fortunately for the dog, the bicyclists had been in the area and found him.  The dog looks so very skinny; as if he had been abandoned there and slowly and painfully had been left to starve to death. The bicyclists gave the dog bits of food to distract him while one of the rescuers was finally able to cut away the dog’s tether so he could move. The dog was so scared as the men approached, he growled in pure panic. Once freed, he began to relax.

“It takes a very bad person to leave a defenseless animal like that… with a rope that would not allow it to lie down. The dog was “very lucky that a group of cyclists found him and decided to rescue him. A thousand thanks,” the translated message had been stated on their social media page.

Animal rescue organizations in Portugal have been reporting on the case of this starving and abandoned dog – calling out the men who stopped and helped as heroes. It is not known what happened to the dog, but everyone hopes she has been rescued and has been adopted.

Tragically, situations like this involving animal cruelty occurs more than most of us can imagine. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Help find the terrible person who left this dog out in the forest to die a slow and painful death.

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