Tip leads to discovery of nearly 400 cats at illegal Chinese slaughterhouse

cats rescued from illegal slaughterhouse
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Earlier this month, a tip led to the discovery of nearly 375 cats stowed inside of an illegal slaughterhouse in China. According to Humane Society International, the cats were being kept inside of 24 wire cages – many of the cats were starving and sick. Tragically, help came too late for many of the cats – piles of cat hair were also found. It is surmised that “thousands” of cats had already lost their life at the Tianjin slaughterhouse.

On December 12, Humane Society International broke news of the discovery to Facebook followers:

Humane Society International
December 12 at 11:44 AM · China ·
BREAKING: After receiving a tip-off, our Chinese partner group, CAPP, assisted in rescuing 375 cats from a brutal death at an illegal slaughterhouse operation. The emaciated cats were crammed tightly in wire cages, but now are being cared for by activists before being placed into shelters and loving homes. The slaughterhouse is under police investigation and we’ll continue to update you on the situation.


In a statement, a leading member of CAPP, described the sad scene:

“The first three cages of the cats we saw were heart breaking. They were cages of misery. The hungry and sick cats cried louder when we approached them, as if asking us to help them.”

The tip

As reported by Newsweek, the life-saving discovery was made after a distraught pet owner reported that his cat was missing and he suspected that the feline had been stolen. As the man searched for his cat, he stumbled upon the illegal operation.

The local authorities are investigating the situation and the cats are being cared for by activists.

The illegal meat trade

As reported by Newsweek, cats illegally killed at slaughterhouses are stripped of their fur and their head and feet are removed so that their meat can be passed off as something other than cat.

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  1. Catch the owners of this operation and strip them of their skin by dumping them in the same vat of boiling hot water they put these cats in. Then dismember them and dump their parts in the ocean. China is an abusive backwards country that doesn’t deserve any fair trade from the United States but treat them as the disgusting killers of animals that they are. There are animal activities in China who are fighting but unfortunately not happening fast enough. Hope these cats get adopted and saved to people that will take care of them.


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