Suspected poacher killed by lions

Lions devour suspected poacher who was hunting them

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The tables were turned when a hunter, make that a suspected poacher, was devoured by a pride of lions that he was stalking in South Africa. According to the Daily Mail, the man could be heard screaming near the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve, but the big cats quickly made their kill, and ate him, before help arrived.

Most of the man’s body was eaten by the lions…little was left behind, aside from the man’s head. Hunting rifles and ammunition, typical of what is used by big game hunters, were also discovered nearby. The man was not carrying any identification, but the police noted that the discovery of his head would help them determine who he was.

Poaching of the magnificent big cats is an ongoing problem in South Africa – in May 2017, 20 captive lions, held at a big cat sanctuary, were killed by poachers who cut off their paws, tails, heads and skin. There is a market for lion body parts because people believe that there is medicinal value from them.

The authorities are currently investigating the situation.

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25 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    I ONLY HOPE the Pride of LYONS don’t get ill from consuming so much Rotten and Putrid Meat at once!!! They can ship the Head to the Pigmy’s and have it shrunken they present it to his family along with the guns, rendered unusable and the ammo turned over to the authorities to be used against other ” PUTRID POACHER”S ” MAY he have stayed alive a long time!!! He loved to Kill and Maim and I hope he felt every bite and hunk torn from his frame!!!

    • Darla G says:

      I hadn’t read your response before I made a comment that I hoped the lions didn’t get indigestion from eating the POS. 🙂

  2. Adrienne says:

    Terrible to say, but glad the lions did what they do naturally. Why was this “hunter” out there alone? Usually they have someone else with them as backup so that nothing like this happens. Please keep us informed as to what happens to the lions if anything.

  3. maxiemom says:

    Nope. Not sorry. Not one bit.

    There’s always one joker attached to the comments on these stories who says ‘they only poach to support their families’. Right. At the rate these animals are disappearing, many will be gone within a generation or sooner. The what will they do? They don’t even get enough money for more than a few meals, if that. The REAL money is made from the scum they sell the animals to! That excuse is worse than bogus. They make more money from these animals from ecotourists than they ever will from any poaching activities.

    Every poacher, no matter WHERE they live, should be shot on sight. The lions simply eradicated a problem. I wish they could all do it. And the idea that one story I read that the government would remove them for killing him because they would then be ‘problem lions’ is ludicrous! The poacher put himself in harm’s way. He got what he deserved. If you enter their domain, especially at night, and aren’t safely enclosed in a vehicle of some kind, you are taking a risk and what happens is totally your responsibility. The lions aren’t to blame.

  4. Betty says:

    Me too. Not sorry at all
    I’m glad they won this one 🙂
    Matter of fact I’m happy about it
    You put your life in that way to make money and to kill those beautiful animals for your greed or for your enjoyment
    You deserve it.I hope there more that goes that way

  5. Darla G says:

    I wish the lions hadn’t been so quick to kill him – should have made him suffer. I hope the lions didn’t get indigestion eating that POS.

  6. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    So good to read this, he totally deserved what he got. We have no right to be killing animals good for the lions????????????????????????????????????????

  7. vicki hood says:

    Awesome, fabulous, fantastic. If rangers had armed drones we could have a video clip and enjoy the action over and over again. Happy day.


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