Heartbreaking testimony of vet who treated ‘Puppy Doe’ heard in court

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As the Puppy Doe trial at the Norfolk County Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts continues, the defendant Radoslaw Czerkawski’s defense attorney, maintains his client’s innocence against torturing the two-year-old pup in his Quincy home during the summer of 2013. Czerkawski contends the dog ran away shortly after he purchased her off of Craigslist, and it was someone else who tortured and abused the dog.

On Monday, the forensic veterinarian, Martha Smith Blackmore and an emergency veterinarian who treated Puppy Doe, described the heartbreaking injuries that had been intentionally inflicted. On the second day of testimony, the head of emergency services at VCA South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Dr. Amanda Duffy told the court she had made the decision to humanely euthanize the dog after just ten minutes.

“I felt her injuries were too severe and she would never be able to live a good quality life, a pain free life,” Duffy told the court.

According to the PatriotLedger, the pup formerly named Kiya, presented with five fractured ribs, seven blunt-force injuries to her spine, broken ribs, a bruised lung, broken femur, dislocated shoulder, cuts on her eyes and a split tongue. The dog had been found lying motionless in the middle of a road. The undernourished dog weighed only 18 pounds – less than half of what she should have weighed. Veterinarians showed graphic images of Puppy Doe’s misshapen bones and her egregious injuries to the court.

“She was the most emaciated that an animal can be. The ribs were visible and there was an extreme hourglass look to the abdomen,” Dr. Blackmore testified.

In addition, Dr. Blackmore testified that the injuries would have been extremely painful for the dog – hindering how she could move, eat or even breathe. The extent and type of injuries showed a clear pattern of abuse as her numerous injuries had been in various stages of healing. Defense attorney Larry Tipton asked the veterinarians if the injuries suffered by Puppy Doe could have been accidental. Both veterinarians testified it was not likely.

Czerkawski sat in court with his Polish language interpreter at his side. He has been charged with 12 counts of animal abuse and one of lying to police. He is currently serving six to ten years in prison for theft.

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13 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    After reading this again, it’s a very good thing that bastard isn’t standing in front of me. Kiya might not have been my dog, but I could wring this evil scumbag’s neck after beating him as severely as possible. I’m pretty sure I’d have a lot of help.

    RIP sweet girl.

    ***** This story should have given the powers that be at Craig’s list enough of a conscience to stop listing pets on their ‘free to a good home ads’. Alas, they HAVE no conscience. May they rot in hell along with this murdering swine, and every other murdering swine who’s gotten pets to torture and kill this way.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I am total agreement w/you – this miserable excuse for a human being should never get out of prison – he can lie to his attorney, lie to the judge BUT the public will never believe his tale of innocence. He did tortured Puppy Doe and needs to pay a steep price for his cruelty. I would get enjoyment of giving this hunk of maggot sludge the same torture he gave to an innocent dog. In addition, Craigslist is as guilty as the abuser in all respects – We have written, protested and called to get them to end ALL animal posts and these are all ignored. Puppy Doe needs justice and I hope the judge in this case sees beyond the BS Czerkawski’s and his lawyers are doling out. He is guilty, and needs to pay big time.

  2. Darla says:

    I am in tears once again at the pain and suffering that Puppy Doe endured at the hands of that effing POS who shouldn’t be breathing the same air that we do. I’m sure she wondered what she did wrong, to be punished so horrendously. If she was so emaciated in such a short time, I’ll bet the POS never even fed her one time after he got her (if I recall correctly, he had her for a couple of months). Craigslist needs to be shut down….PERIOD. RIP Puppy Doe – you’re in God’s loving arms now and you will NEVER suffer. Someday, hopefully not too soon, I’ll find you in Heaven and love on you.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    I can ONLY HOPE for a conviction for this “FAR LESS THAN HUMAN” Vermin. To think He is also a “caretaker” for human-beings!!! OMG!!! It is scary!!! I know UNDER OUR SYSTEM of FREEDOM everyone is entitled to legal representation… The Lawyer that is in Charge of this case has to have a Cast Iron Stomach!!!

  4. Marni says:

    I know everyone feels the same as I do about this horror. Every time I hear new things my heart breaks to think of what this sweet puppy endured at the hands of evil. She is no longer in pain and I know she is in heaven with Jesus.

  5. Marsha Squibb says:

    Hope thisS.O.B. Dies in jail….He is a danger.on the street…I’m so sorry Kiya, EVERYONE who had you is to blame!!!

  6. Pamela Bolton says:

    Get justice for Puppy Doe! Take his sorry ass out and introduce him to a firing squad Make sure he NEVER does this to another animal. Can you even imagine the pain she went through??? Justice for Puppy Doe!! Do not give him the pleasure of three meal and a roof over his head God only knows how much I hate most humans. Don’t be stupid enough to believe he did this for religious reasons. NO RELIGION would advocate this kind of torture.

  7. susispot says:

    I’m afraid he is going to get away with this as there are no witnesses that actually saw him abuse the dog. Unless someone did see him with the dog it will be impossible to prove who hurt her. It makes me crazy angry. Grrr…


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