Puppy Doe abuser sentenced to prison for 12 counts of animal cruelty

Somewhere from over the “Rainbow Bridge,” Puppy Doe finally found some justice on Tuesday afternoon. Her abuser was sentenced to eight to ten years in prison. Radoslaw Czerkawski, 36, stood in front of the judge … Read More

Guilty! Jury convicted Puppy Doe owner with animal cruelty

On Monday afternoon, a jury in Dedham, Massachusetts found Puppy Doe’s owner guilty of animal cruelty. The abused  dog was so cruelly tortured, she had to be humanely euthanized shortly after she was rescued.

Radoslaw … Read More

Closing arguments scheduled to begin in ‘Puppy Doe’ trial

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin on Thursday in the trial of the man accused of abusing a dog named Puppy Doe so severely, she had to be humanely euthanized shortly after she was rescued.… Read More

Heartbreaking testimony of vet who treated ‘Puppy Doe’ heard in court

As the Puppy Doe trial at the Norfolk County Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts continues, the defendant Radoslaw Czerkawski’s defense attorney, maintains his client’s innocence against torturing the two-year-old pup in his Quincy home during … Read More

Puppy Doe trial begins: Could last three weeks

On a cold Tuesday morning at the North County Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts, a jury pool of 60 men and women admitted to having heard about the case of a defenseless two-year-old dog tortured … Read More