Dog tied in trash bag and dumped in green waste container found alive

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A tiny dog had been tied in a trash bag and thrown into a Harrison’s Green Waste container in the Ventura, California area by an unknown cruel individual late last week. Bebe had been missing from her home for two days, and it seemed as if her tragic fate had been sealed in a trash bag destined to be crushed and dumped  with yard clippings at the Gold Coast Recycling & Transfer Station.

Bebe got lucky – very lucky! A conscientious employee at the recycling center discovered the ten-year-old Chihuahua tumbling out a large green waste truck and quickly opened the moving trash bag to find a shivering little pooch. And then came even more compassion and heart; the CEO of the transfer station cared for the frightened dog throughout the night and brought her to the Camarillo Animal Shelter the next morning.

“Now that you have survived this nightmare, the next step is finding your way home,” the Ventura County Animal Services posted on their Facebook page. “You can’t speak, so you can only hope for another miracle. For that we turn to the dedicated and diligent staff at Ventura County Animal Services. Animal Control Officer Dereka Schoenewald happened to glimpse the face of this wide-eyed house pet when she was delivered into our care. What were the chances that these two would even see each other given that VCAS intakes 30 pets each day? But luck, let’s call it, smiled down once again on this canine companion. Officer Schoenewald recognized the dog! She looked similar to a dog she swiped through earlier that morning on Oxnard Missing Pets, a popular Facebook page dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families,”

Officer Shoenewald compared the photos and called the phone number listed on the flyer – it was a match. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and from places one could never imagine. Do angels really exist and protect us? Many thanks to all of the heroes who have made Bebe’s rescue a success.

(Photo via screenshot by Ventura County Animal Services)

Check out Bebe’s video here. Have your tissues ready for tears of joy; your heart will indeed smile.

VCAS is currently investigating this horrible act of animal abuse. If you have any information regarding this incident, or to report any other acts of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect, please contact Officer Bryan Bray at (805) 383-4717. Your identity will remain anonymous but your words may save a life.

To help more dogs like Bebe, donations can be made by clicking here.

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  1. OH HOW VERY LUCKY BEBE IS!!!! Someone where this family lives has and issue with this Little Dog, maybe She barks a lot outside ::: Chihuahua’s Do as we all Know :: The way This Perverted A.H. took her and had every intent in allowing her to suffer a Horrific Death…. IS Just Simply PUT EVIL! & DEMONIC!!! I hope whoever did this Meets a similar Fate:::: Please stay outside with BEBE from now on Family… I could See the Pure Love and happiness in ALL your faces SO Please Keep her safe!!!

  2. Thank you VERY much to the smart, attentive and wonderful people who helped save this treasure and return her to her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope that whoever did this is found and fully prosecuted (& serves prison time) for their callous and cruel actions…….
    There are spots in Hell waiting for the disgusting POS’s who stole and hurt this precious furbaby. They will burn forever for their cruelty…… here’s hoping that they get there ASAP, after dying afraid, alone and in horrible pain……

  3. HUGE THANK YOU to the recycling center worker and Animal Control Officer Dereka Schoenwald for their compassion and diligence for this little dog – They are true HEROES – if not for their dedication and persistence this little one would have died. They not only saved a life, Ms. Schoenwald found the rightful owners and reunited them w/the scared dog. I hope these owner’s realized the horrific ending that could have happened and now are diligent in making sure their dog is supervised at all times. Someone knows who the maggot is that is responsible for attempting to kill this dog – Step up, turn them in – they need to be punished for their cruelty.

  4. Happy that Bebe was saved and reunited with her family. Thank you to all who made this happened. May the POS who dumped Bebe in a trash bin rot in hell.

  5. Someone up there was looking out for little Bebe and made sure things fell in place to save her. I wish they would find the POS that dumped her like this, they deserve to be prosecuted.

  6. Oh my gosh how wonderful they are such a loving family. It’s good to know they didn’t do this to her. Now it’s time to find the monster who did.

  7. Now, thats the kind of stories I like to read. Now found the scum that stole her in the first place and tack their hides to the wall.

  8. God bless you all for a job well done. Wish you could go over to other counties and TEACH their A/C officers and facilities how it’s done as so many are guilty on a daily basis of turning their backs on these innocent victims. I pray these communities are motivated by these examples to get these scoundrels fired and supervisors who condone their inept dereliction of duty voted out. They work for us, yet come of them operate as if we work for them. Shameful!


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