From nearly dead to a ‘Champ’ making strides against animal cruelty

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In Laurens, South Carolina a starved and abused 16-month-old Mastiff named Champ continues to make amazing medical strides as he recovers. Just a week ago, Champ was barely alive; his photo curled up in the dirt starving, near death and crawling with maggots went viral; animal advocates were outraged at the brief description of the dog’s plight:

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the organization’s social media page. “… since ‘he was not her dog’, she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

Champ has been under the care of the CVETS Critical Care Veterinary Hospital in Columbia. Veterinarian Tracy Schlicksup states the dog is getting stronger every day and his vital signs have now all stabilized. Although he was initially helped to his feet to take a few steps with the use of a sling, he has taken a few steps on his own.

“Champ is taking a break from treatments and physical therapy to just spend some time in the sun relaxing and playing with his toys. Since arriving at CVETS on Saturday he continues to get stronger and is even doing some walking on his own without support. It will be a long road to recovery but he’s on his way,” the hospital’s Facebook page posted with some adorable photos – of course!

Luckily Champ has youth on his side as to his ability to regain his health. He is given six small meals a day to help him gain weight, has physical therapy to build his atrophied muscles and according to his doctors, the staff and volunteers, Champ has an incredible spirit and will to put into his recovery.

A Facebook page, Justice for Champ continues to follow the dog’s recovery, but has now taken the campaign to demand change in the animal cruelty laws in South Carolina.  Elizabeth James of Lisbon Road has been charged with deliberately starving Champ for 30 days because she was angry at her ex-boyfriend. James made bond out of Laurens County Detention Center on Friday.

If found guilty, James faces a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to 90 days in jail. It is not known if the prosecutor will seek restitution for the dog’s medical expenses.

In another animal cruelty case in South Carolina, meet Atticus. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has also stepped up to help this starved little one. His plight is just as important as Champ’s:

“This poor baby is Atticus. He was also a cruelty case in SC found starved, emaciated with an embedded rope around his neck. We have seen posts about other dogs saying they are not Champ implying no one sees or cares & that is not true . Maybe one in 10,000 dogs rescued reach that kind of notoriety.

Atticus is just as important as any other dog out there. His suffering matters no less! Poor baby is only 20 pounds & we are told he is also amazing & sweet! “

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    This is a testament to the fact the WILL to Live is the strongest of desires!!! Champ is truly that !!! the owner of they wonderful boy SHOULD feel Shame and Remorse to the fullest extent for even leaving him with this total Demonic Bitch!!!

  2. Patty says:

    I hope every business in the area is taking note. DO NOT HIRE THIS PERSON (and I use that term with caution) and if she is in your employ FIRE HER!! She deserves the same treatment starve while everyone around you is eating BITCH.


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