Extradited vet accused of implanting liquid heroin into puppies

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A veterinarian, extradited to New York City, pleaded not guilty in court on Tuesday to  implanting liquid heroin into puppies for a Colombian drug trafficking ring. Andres Lopez Elorza, 38, arrived at JFK airport on Monday afternoon.


According to KhqNews, Elorza had been arrested in Spain in 2015 and extradited to the United States. He has been charged with conspiring to import and distribute heroin. Authorities in the United States allege Lopez, a Venezuelan veterinarian, alluded capture for ten years before he was arrested in 2015 trying to smuggle heroin into the United States by “sewing” the drugs into puppies.


In 2005, Elorza had been working at a clinic in Medellin, Colombia when police found 6.6 pounds of heroin implanted into several Labrador, Basset hound and Rottweiler puppies. The dogs were rescued, but three of the puppies died from infections as a result of the implant surgery.

“Traffickers will go to great lengths,” stated DEA Special Agent in Charge James Hunt. “These guys are evil geniuses in ways to think and hide the drugs, secret them. This case was exceptionally heinous.”

The drug traffickers, whose distribution network went from New York City to Miami, used multiple methods to move the heroin – the puppies just being one of their evil schemes.  The seven  surviving puppies were adopted to families in Colombia; one of the dogs, Heroina, a Rottweiler,  became a drug  sniffing dog for the Colombian police.


“As alleged in the indictment, Elorza is not only a drug trafficker, he also betrayed a veterinarian’s pledge to prevent animal suffering when he used his surgical skills in a cruel scheme to smuggle heroin in the abdomens of puppies,” stated United States Attorney Richard Donoghue.

If found guilty, Elorza faces a mandatory prison sentence of ten years and possibly imprisonment for life. Let’s hope so.

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  1. This is beyond cruel and disgusting….. those poor puppies….. the ones not rescued, the ones we will never “know” or “hear” about….. @ the end of their trip, they are murdered, cut open for the drugs sewn inside of them.
    The POS’s who are doing this all have reserved places in Hell waiting for them!!!!! They will burn forever for their cruelty…..

  2. oh my gosh! nasty thug hiding behind a veterinarian mask. no wonder they scanned my hands at the airport when I was taking my dog on the plane. I couldn’t understand why they did that, but after reading this story, I get it.

  3. I can’t imagine thinking up something so incredibly heinous and cruel. “You bastard deserve life in prison for your cruel twisted mind!”
    Animals are so vulnerable, man continues to harm, take advantage and profit off of innocent voiceless animals. We must be their voice and we must hold sick trash like this man accountable!

  4. This unworthy Puke who was trained to help and heal with loving care All living Creatures ! NOT to cause them a painful , needless death by torturing them… This guy needs an enema with battery acid to clean him out for GOOD!!!

  5. WTF?? This veterinarian better be put in prison and I hope he does get life!! Poor poor puppies. How can anyone even think of such an evil an ugly way 2 try an smuggle heroin!! So glad they caught him!! They just need 2 follow through an throw his evil ads in prison 4ever!!!

  6. What do you mean, if found guilty, the punk Is guilty.
    Sew some heroin in him and take him to the desert for a 20 mile hike.

  7. See where there is a will they will fone a way. Narcotic police are doing everything they can to stop these drugs from getting on the streets. But like anything if the criminals want to do it they will continually try different ways to get the drugs out there. God only knows how long they have been doing this and for a vet know less to be involved that is shameful. I am glad they were able to get this criminal back into the U.S. so he can be charged. You know all these animals are probably killed getting this drug back out of them.

  8. This is no man, no way, no how – and least of all a veterinarian – he is nothing more than a sack of human trash that should be disposed of as cruelly as he did to those innocent animals.- Elorza should be nailed to a tree and used as target practice by beginners and left to rot – wildlife lunch – this bastard is good for nothing else.

  9. What dimwit IDIOT took a look at that depraved face and let him in to our Country? Hang his behind, then deport him!


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