Woman charged with cruelty claims that dog ‘had fun’ being thrown into ocean by leash

woman accused of cruelty claims dog was having fun
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A Florida woman who is facing a charge of animal cruelty has spoken out about the incident this week which led up to her arrest. According to Click Orlando, 38-year-old Christy Hopkins told a police officer who responded to Bethune Beach Park on Monday that the dog who sparked the call from a concerned witness was just “having fun.”

The witness reached out to the authorities after allegedly seeing Hopkins repeatedly pick up a small dog by a leash and throw her into the water. The responding police officer noted that the little dog in question was “drenched, covered in sand, shaking, appeared to be coughing and was clearly in distress.” Amazingly, Hopkins not only claimed that the dog was having fun, but offered to show the officer how she picks the dog up off the ground by the leash…the officer stopped her from repeating the action.

The allegations led to Hopkins’ arrest and she was booked into the Volusia County Jail – she has since bonded out. The dog apparently belongs to someone who lives near the area where the incident took place – Hopkins told the officer that the dog’s owner is ill and she watches her for extended periods of time. The dog has been taken to an area shelter.

(Screenshot via Click Orlando)

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  1. I say we put a collar and leash around the woman’s neck and throw her repeatedly into the ocean! If she complains just say oh, aren’t you having fun!? If we’re lucky maybe she’ll drown!

  2. WOW what is wrong with this woman? Having fun? May be it was fun for HER to do this to that poor dog, but I highly doubt the dog was enjoying it!. Kudos to the officer that took the dog away and arrested her!

  3. Imbecile woman and should never have another chance at helping someone with any pet. Disgusting and smiling too. Sick woman.

  4. Please I want to show this idiot how much fun SHE can have when I tie her ass up and throw her into a shark infested ocean – lets see how much this douchebag enjoys it – I sure would. Thank you to the officer who confronted and arrested her – now that she is out maybe she will have a date with an 18 wheeler – this bitch deserves it.

  5. I hope she serves some hard time. Lifetime ban on owning or caring for another animal. She didn’t really want to take care of this little dog and viciously took it out on him. Praying he’s been rehomed. His original owner doesn’t sound too swift.


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