Emaciated bear freed from his cage to see sunlight for first time in years

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An emaciated bear kept captive in a cage at an army general’s summer home in Echmiadzin, Armenia saw sunlight for the first time in many years. A video released by the International Animal Rescue shows the progression of events as rescuers from the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets helped to cut away the metal bars of its prison. Four other bears were rescued at the same time.

According to the video, the thick bars were removed on the exterior part of a small area where two brown bears had been lying down. Rescuers are then shown examining the bear before they take him out into the sunlight – the first time the bear had been outdoors in years. The bear was so malnourished he could barely move.

Once the bear was moved outside, a sheet was placed over his face to help his eyes adjust to the bright sunlight. The person videoing the rescue stated this was the second rescue. Just one day prior the volunteers saved a tiger who is now being cared for at a reputable zoo.

“Today we will rescue five bears, two will go to a zoo and three others will go to a rescue center which is supported by International Animal Rescue,” stated the organization as part of their campaign called “The Great Bear Rescue.”

The bear had been estimated to be six-years-old, but veterinarians later realized the bear was much older, and its growth had likely been stunted because of its diet and horrid living conditions. It is hoped all bears in Armenia can be rescued.

Check out the video. It’s worth watching.


(Photos, video and screenshots via International Animal Rescue)

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  1. So,so sorry about these animals and for this country to allow these animals to be treated this way for years. I always thought Armenia was better than that, but guess people are people and stupidity,selfishness, and animal abuse knows no boundaries. Hope they can rescue all capture animals like this and have zoos or sanctuaries lined up to take and care for these wonderful animals.

  2. OMG!!!????
    Those POOR BEARS!!
    please post follow up on them,,, PLEASE!!
    I Pray that all were saved to live a FREE LIFE!!


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