Dog surrendered at 16-years-old: Schatzi finds new home

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Schatzi, a 16-year-old Dachshund, was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal Care over the Thanksgiving weekend celebration. She trembled and didn’t seem to know where she was after her intake experience, and with her sight impairment, Schatzi was too afraid to even get off her bed.

Animal advocates didn’t take long sharing the senior’s desperate situation; quickly her heartbreaking video went viral:

Messages went out to local rescues specializing in senior dog care, and arrangements were underway. Then someone special came along; it’s the power of social media that makes miracles happen. On Tuesday, Schatzi was adopted by a woman who recently lost her own senior dachshund.

Check out this happy news. Her new adopter had been waiting in the parking lot of the shelter for Shatzi’s microchip to be checked.

Amber Lockspeiser is feeling happy.

12 hrs

Rescue video available here. Please copy and paste below into your browser:

Puppies of the ocean

Such intelligence…


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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    We have a Penny ( Black/tan almost blind) that her owner was going to put down when Penny was 8 ! This woman cared for dogs and pets in their homes while they were on Vacation etc… Wow and Penny is now going on 17!! She is now fading and We Will Be Devastated When She is gone… It sicken me to the very core of my soul to know that this Non-caring individual could actually have a service of caring for pet’s She was soulless!!! Penny has been very Loved and Cared for in our Pack!!! I am so happy this girl took found a Good and Caring Person to love her


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