‘Dice’ survives being left in a cage with no food or water for a week

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In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a young dog dubbed “Dice” had been left in a cage outdoors for a week with no food or water. Miraculously, the friendly, although emaciated, pup survived.


According to the Loxahatchee  group, Feeling Fine Canine Rescue, Dice only weighed 30 pounds when discovered behind a home on November 1. The dog’s owner has not been identified, and at this time it is not clear who that might be. Dice was rushed to Animal Care and Control where Feeling Fine Canine Rescue offered to help.

Dice was sent to the PetLifeAnimal Hospital where Dr. Muzzy Sayyid agreed it had been a miracle that the dog survived his ordeal. Treatment began with small meals and water. Although he has a long road to recovery, Dice has already gained four pounds and his tail seems to be wagging non stop.

“Caught in the Act…..
Dr Muzzy takes time, as always, to give out some of his special brand of TLC to our new patient, as he passes through the treatment room.

The amazing folks at Feeling Fine Canine Rescue came for a visit and also took him for a walk as well! They say his pronounced limp is due to living the whole of his life in a cage……walking and exercise here, and once he gets to the gorgeous facility at Feeling Fine Canine will help his body and soul!

This is the sweetest soul…..he has shown an amazing ability to forgive, and still maintain this awesome sweet nature, and he still gives plenty of special kisses, even after being subjected to horrific abuse and neglect …….at the hands of humans!”, the hospital posted on their Facebook page as Dice moved closer to receive Doc’s strategic ear scratches.

To help Feeling Fine Canine Rescue with Dice’s recovery, please click here.

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