Severe abuse left puppy with broken bones, but her spirit remains intact

Abused puppy
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Severe abuse left 12-week-old Kayle with multiple broken bones, a ruptured lung, fractured hip and spine, but her spirit remains intact. The victimized puppy was surrendered to MaxFund Animal Adoption Center on October 26 – the shelter wrote:

At MaxFund we see all types of animals pass through with various ages, Heath issues and behaviors. There are a few that pass through and grab your heart and twist it into knots. Those that make you cry and wonder why bad things happen in the world. Today was one of those days that ripped at each and every single one of our hearts.

Amazingly, despite the severe pain and suffering this puppy has endured, she still loves people.

Helping this abused puppy

The shelter is committed to helping this abused puppy recover from the cruelty she has been shown. Kayle requires multiple surgeries to repair the damage to her young body. Click here to read more about how you can help make these surgeries possible.

Mail checks to:
MaxFund Animal Shelter Admin
720 W 10th Ave
Denver, CO 80204 (Please write “For Kayle” on your check.
Call in donations to the dog shelter: 303-595-4917 (Please mention that your donation is for Kayle).


On November 1, the shelter updated Facebook followers:

Kayle’s Journey:
One surgery down and one to go! She is recovering well but isn’t understanding why she is hurting. They are keeping her pretty medicated until she heals up more. She sends tons of love and kisses to each and every single one of you guys!


Denver Animal Protection, which removed Kayle from her prior home, is pursuing charges against her former owners.

(Images via Maxfund)

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