Deerfield Police use entire bag of beef jerky to lure starving dog to safety

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Deerfield Police Chief John Paciorek is out an “entire bag of beef jerky” in an attempt to lure a starving dog to safety late last week.

According to the Facebook page for the Deerfield Police, authorities were alerted to an abandoned and starving dog running around Hillside Road. Chief Paciorek and two other officers tried to capture the dog using the beef jerky, but were not able to get close enough. A short time later, a Good Samaritan was able to catch the dog.

“We stayed in the area until we were told that two people that volunteered at a local animal shelter were going to try and capture the dog and care for it.  The dog was captured by the Good Samaritan, who called the Deerfield Police Department about who would pay for its care. Our office administrator advised them to go to a local vet and the Deerfield Police Department authorized payment for an evaluation and an estimate of what it would cost to make a determination on the best care for the dog.”

Animal advocates who have met the dog state he is very sweet – just look into his big brown eyes:

Jaclyn Lee “That dog knew love at one point in its life, the second he was captured and petted that tail wouldn’t stop wagging and it’s like he knew he was saved. I hope they punish the person or persons who dumped this dog to the highest level!!! Animal abusers are the biggest pos there is.”

The Good Samaritan brought the dog to Sunderland Animal Hospital who treated the dog. The town is paying the bill, and the dog is now in the care of the Franklin County Regional Dog Shelter. Anyone who recognizes this dog or knows the owner, please contact police.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Hope they can find the person that allowed this to happen, owner? Make them pay for all the care for this animal. Someone knows who he belongs to. Stupidity lives among us and could have taken the dog to a shelter and say you found it. Who would know the difference? At least the dog might have had a better chance of getting adopted. Good luck pup and hope you get a family that loves and appreciates you.


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