Brave Pongo seriously injured and suffering, remains so sweet

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Pongo was nearly a statistic in a Texas shelter over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The high-kill shelter gave the young dog until 1:00 for an approved rescue to step forward to help her; the only other option would have been humane euthanasia. Brought in as a stray with extensive injuries to her front foot; it had been completely degloved with the bone exposed. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteered, and by Monday morning, Pongo had on her way to the organization’s emergency veterinarian in San Antonio.

What happened to this young dog is not known, but her leg injury remains critical. Everything possible will be done to save the dog’s leg.

“Her sweet face just makes her medical condition so much worst – sweet and suffering,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder, Stacy Silverstein, posted on social media.We do know that her medical care will be expensive and we need your help.”

Please help:

VIDEO: WARNING: Extremely graphic photos and video.  Viewing may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

****1PM DEADLINE**** PONGO NEEDS YOUR HELP Pongos foot is completely degloved and the bone is exposed We don’t want to show such graphic photos but it’s not our fault that some POS did this to this poor dog , who now suffers in pain It’s so unfair !!!!We only want to help him Which will mean EMERGENCY medical care and transport out of this shelter We will do everything possible to somehow save Pongos leg , we just don’t know at this point His sweet face just makes his medical condition so much worse , Sweet and suffering We do know that his medical care will be expensive and we need your help with DONATIONS Please HELP PONGO

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Sunday, November 25, 2018

(Note: The Blu-Kote is an animal first aid treatment used to prevent infection)

More updates to follow.

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