Bear standing up on two legs opens door of CHP facility

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A bear standing on two legs opened the door of a California Highway Patrol (CHP) facility in the Donner Pass division and walked in last weekend, as if he knew his way around and was looking for something or someone.

According to the CHP’s Facebook page, video footage of the bear stepping into the facility in Truckee, near Lake Tahoe showed him opening the door and then dropping down to all fours wandering by the vending machines. A few minutes later, the bear left, and two police officers followed him.

And again on Saturday, that same bear was back and this time video cameras caught him in the parking lot.

“Our bear friend made a return visit,” the department posted.

According to the United States Forest Service, the bears are seeking food as they get ready to hibernate for the winter.

Of course, social media just couldn’t resist. Some of the comments on Facebook can’t help but make you smile – even if it’s Monday after a long Thanksgiving weekend:

John Murray Heard muttering, “I just wanted to report that I had a picnic basket stolen from me”…..

Julie A. Hensley He was going to turn himself in for dumpster diving but decided against it when he read the jail menu

Jay Littleton Vending machine prices these days, I’d exit empty handed too.

Christina Terzian Sounds like the beginning of a great joke: “So, a bear walks into a police station….”

We were able to obtain higher quality video of the first bear visit, including enhanced graphics. Enjoy….Please”Like” our page. Thanks.

Posted by CHP – Donner Pass on Saturday, November 24, 2018

Care to add to the humor? No police officers or bears were harmed in this exchange.

(Photos and video of  bear standing via CHP Facebook)

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Puppies of the ocean

Such intelligence…


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