Boyfriend stomped and kicked husky in ‘fit of rage’ after dog ate his food

A woman’s boyfriend allegedly stomped and kicked a husky on Sunday during a “fit of rage” after the dog ate the man’s food. The disturbing outburst and cruelty towards the dog was caught on video by the girlfriend and turned over to  Vero Beach authorities.

According to CW34News, Jack D. Weathers, 25, was arrested by the Vero Beach Police and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. The woman claimed Weathers had abused her dog in the past, but this time she recorded the cruelty in a video. Weathers had arrived at the couple’s home after returning from McDonald’s in a rage because the dog ate his burger.

An officer who watched the video reported who appeared to be Weathers holding onto a filing cabinet to steady himself,  kicked and stomped on the dog for 30 seconds. Reports indicate the dog had been “crying and wailing in pain.” The husky named Star was taken to a veterinarian for an examination and treatment. The dog sustained a small abrasion on her side.

Weathers is currently being held in the Indian River County Jail in lieu of a $7,000 bond. His court appearance is scheduled for August 29.

(Man who stomped on dog in “fit of rage” by IRSCO)

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