Owner more concerned with broken car window than with dog left in 95 degree heat

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A group of Good Samaritans were shocked when the owner of a French bulldog was more concerned with his broken car window after returning to his car four hours later leaving his French bulldog to suffer in 95 degree heat.

According to witness Hollie Marie Evans, the dog had been left in the vehicle at Frensham Ponds in Surrey and was seen by witnesses vomiting and panting heavily on Sunday afternoon. As people gathered around the car, they began to feed the dog water through the slightly opened windows. As the dog’s condition became more desperate, onlookers decided to smash the car window with a hammer. On her Facebook page, Hollie posted about her distressing experience:

“Just had the most disgusting experience at Frensham pond we arrived at 12.15 to find a French bull dog left in this car in 30 heat!! Us and 12 people tried to locate the owner, we had given the dog who was seriously struggling lots of water in a make shift bowl out of a plastic bag. Well you can see for yourself how the dog was doing I filmed it all after the dog being in the car for 40 mins we all decided the dog was struggling too much being sick and over heating and we broke the window and removed the dog after he started being sick again and has very distressed.”

The dog was rescued and turned over to the park rangers’ office.

“We have also been informed by the ranger that the owners were told they couldn’t bring the dog on the beach when they arrived as its too hot today the sand is boiling they were shown an area where they could take the dog the owners decided leaving the dog in the car with the windows cracked was the better option so they could still enjoy there day!!! Please share this the dog is now safe and cooling down the rspca and police have all been informed.”

After the owner returned, he was more concerned with the broken car window than the condition of his dog witnesses claimed. In the video, the owner acted confrontational. Onlookers stated the owner never thanked anyone – he was abusive and threatening to the people who saved his dog’s life.

On the advice of the police, the dog was returned to the owner.

Check out the videos:

Posted by Hollie Marie Evans on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Video #2

Posted by Hollie Marie Evans on Sunday, August 5, 2018

(Photos and videos by Hollie Marie Evans)

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8 replies
  1. Lori Ugolik says:

    Sickening that the dog was returned to his owners! They should have been arrested and then locked in a hot car! I thought the U.K. had better laws!

    • Diana Roby says:

      Laws are no guarantee they will be followed. Some people are just ignorant. Sand too hot for so leave the poor baby in the car. You can’t fix stupid.

  2. Christine Brown says:

    this really pisses me off when selfish people leave their dog/s in a car on a flaming hot day whilst they are enjoying themselves on the beach or doing shopping.
    Why the hell don’t they leave their dogs at home where it is cooler with a lot of shade and leave them a bowl of water and some dog biscuits.
    This should be made illegal to leave animals (dogs) inside a car during the hot season.
    it is illegal in Western Australia. There are penalties for leaving pets in cars. Causing pets to suffer is a crime, and the penalty can be as much as $5,500 and 6 months in jail. If the pet dies as a result of this mistreatment, the penalty jumps to $22,500 and up to two years in jail
    So other countries should do the same make it illegal in leaving dogs in cars in the summer months

  3. Red says:

    Why kind of moron gives an abusive IDIOT their pet back after they locked it in a HOT car for HOURS!??!!? I swear the laws have JUST GOT TO CHANGE…. some people are too stupid to own a pet who depends on them 100% for love, compassion, and care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    Lock him in a boiling hot car, preferably in the desert if possible, with no food or water–then check on him in about a month!

  5. susispot says:

    Little Frenchies have such a difficult time in the heat with their pug noses. He would be a dead Frenchie if those people had stood by. Thank God they did what was necessary and RIGHT! I bet the owner thinks twice before he leaves his dog to suffer again. Good job witnesses.

  6. sandra bell says:

    So “law enforcement” believes it is in the dog’s interest to return him to the lazy, selfish, narcissistic, clueless human who tortured and nearly killed him? No conscience, no compassion in the minds and hearts of those who are supposed to “protect and serve”. Now that adorable, innocent little dog is at the mercy of a self-centered, mean-spirited, angry maniac. It’s just a matter of time when this sort of thing will happen again. Poor dog is used as a status symbol is in harm’s way and surely knows he is not loved. Grrr.


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