911 emergency rescue for shocking neglect of Victory

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Just look at her! No one knows what happened to Victory, but she was found in Palmhurst, Texas and an emergency 911 plea went out on social media asking for help. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC responded after reading the Saturday evening post:

“911Need Emergency rescue
This dog is missing part of a leg, the other one, they think is broken…person that found it can not keep it or afford a vet. Located in Palmhurst Texas . I’ll give contact number to any rescuer that can go get the dog. This is URGENT!!! Please share.”

Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue, whose organization so often takes on the most critical cases of animal abuse and neglect, couldn’t turn away from the photos and the suffering and immediately volunteered to help the dog who appeared frozen and stiff.

“Look at this poor angel,” Stacey posted on the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page. “One of her legs is chopped off, the other is badly damaged. Her bottom private parts are black and swollen. She’s gray in color and clearly in pain and suffering. This is horrific. We are shattered and heartbroken – how could you not be?”

Victory was rushed to Pet Doctor 911 in McAllen, Texas last evening where she was placed on intravenous medication for pain and hydration. She is scheduled for an ultrasound; it is not known if she is pregnant or if she suffers from a serious uterine infection.

“She looks like death , we hope we are not to late. We signed the estimate which was over $2500. Victory needs help,” Stacey added.

Donations can be called directly into the Pet Dr. 911 Emergency Hospital at 956.683.7387, or https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…

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11 replies
  1. vicki Hood says:

    I would take her in a minute after she is helped. Keep my info and if we can find a no charge transport(like i volunteer on) that is willing to do legs to Oregon, I have room in my bed. In the meantime, looks like part is mast cell. NO VACCINES– Vaccines exacerbate sickness and disease. Any good vet knows that. I treat mast cell with turmeric overdose and in 2 weeks the blood roots have turned grey then black and the mast cell small tumors are dead. Please help this baby. I love her already. Keep me posted as to her care.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      There is a transportation service called “Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports’ that is all volunteer – this can be found on the internet under ‘rhonda@freedomtraintransports.com. This poor abused dog desperately needs a home and if you can offer one it would be a godsend. Please contact them and see if they can help you – Good Luck.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    OH TEXAS! TEXAS ! TEXAS! Land of the heathens, abuses, vile, criminal minded, THAT ALL just have the mental state of mind that they thrive on torture, maiming, starving, neglecting, What is supposed to be loving companion animals… Governor Abbott must WEAR BLINDERS 24X 7 NOT to see the atrocities that occur NOT ON A DAILY BASIS but AN HOURLY BASIS to companion animals… the laws ore for the Most part nonexistent and it appears that it TAKE a CONCERNED and caring ANIMAL RESCUE in NEW YORK to assist in the only help these critical and tortured little blessed pets get… SHAME on the WHOLE STATE of TEXAS !!!! For CHRIST SAKE gather a little BIT of PRIDE and COMPASSION and START to Clean this Mess up… & I don’t mean just euthanize , euthanize, and more euthanization!!!! Governor ABBOT get your head out of the dark crevice and TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS!!!!

  3. vicki Hood says:

    Why do you consistently refuse my comments? I want to help always. I wrote and donated for Victory and even requested to take her for my own, in my own bed and i get bumped. WHY????????????

    • Melissa Gurley says:

      Yes why do you keep ignoring people who are trying to help at least answer them if you can take her money she deserves an reply

    • linda says:

      Bumped how? Perhaps they have to wait before she becomes adoptable. Positive thoughts for Victory’s quick and painless recovery.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Whoever abused this dog needs a bullet to the head only after their legs and arms are ripped from their sockets. They deserve no less.


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