Milly: Saddest rescue story ever as dog writhed in pain in shelter for weeks

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Milly had been ignored and overlooked at a high kill shelter in Texas when advocates appealed to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. In perhaps the saddest rescue story ever, the young dog sat on a dirty concrete floor and writhed in pain. She had been dumped at the shelter after having been hit by a car or possibly beaten with a blunt instrument – no one knows for sure but both scenarios fit the dog’s pitiful physical condition.

The dog sustained serious injuries including a broken jaw, gashed out eye and a broken leg. She also tested heartworm positive accompanied with severe anemia. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the veterinary staff at the San Antonio hospital where Milly was rushed, noticed the dog’s swollen belly. A followup sonogram showed at least four babies – she is now expected to give birth at anytime.

While Milly’s needs are being addressed and she has been temporarily placed in a foster home, the Monday morning update on this saddest rescue story becomes even more concerning:

“If you thought Milly’s rescue story couldn’t get any worse, it just did,” wrote Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization. “Besides being PREGNANT, having a broken jaw , broken leg , gouged out eye, we are now unsure whether MILLY will be able to nurse her babies.
Take one look at the pic  and you will see Milly’s teats are totally destroyed; most likely from having multiple litters, being abused as a breeding machine. We just don’t know how this could get any worse for poor MILLY.”

Despite all of the obstacles this little dog has had to face, she remains loving, sweet, gentle and affectionate. Milly is kind to everyone – all dogs and all cats. What a tribute to Milly who has been tortured and neglected throughout her life. Never again Milly – your rescuers will make sure your life is filled with love.

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(Photos and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)



Check out Milly’s video when first rescued: (What a brave little dog)

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  1. Milly’s story is the first one I’m reading today and her horrific abuse and injuries has me in tears. Of course she will be the best, best pet ever for whoever adopts her and that is why I’m so passionate about shelter dogs……she will no doubt be the most loyal, loving and sweet dog for anyone lucky enough to become her guardian. Shelter dogs KNOW that they have been saved from a life a hell and show it every single day with their affection, obedience and loyalty and this I know from experience from volunteering my time in shelters and adopting shelter dogs of my own! Of course in my view ALL dogs are precious gifts from God but shelter dogs are in a class of their own and are so very special! I find it extremely disturbing and upsetting that Milly was allowed to be in that much pain when there are excellent pain meds out there that doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount of money! Kill shelters will always at the top of my list of things I loathe in this life but I thank God everyday for the kind and compassionate volunteers that devote their time in these killing factories for dogs……they are a lifeline for these innocent,helpless dogs who have done wrong to deserve their lives being taken from them or the fear and suffering inflicted upon them! As much as I love and respect America’s many rescue organizations RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC stands above and beyond them all,they are a shining star in the world of rescue and I thank God for them each and every day! I would LOVE to be Milly’s savior and hero but being in Ohio makes that impossible! But Milly being under Rescue Dogs Rock NYC care and control gives me great comfort in that Milly will now have the best care available,will find a great home and will from this point on get to know what it’s is like to be loved and adored! Some dogs just have a way of staying in ur mind and in ur heart and for me Milly is one of them….GET WELL SOON SWEET MILLY……HAVE AN AMAZING AND HAPPY LIFE BEAUTIFUL MILLY…..UR LIFE MATTERS AND U ARE NOW VERY LOVED❤️ A HEART FELT THANK U TO ALL INVOLVED IN MILLY’S RESCUE AND NEW LIFE❤️

    • Milly has been rescued by RDR NYC and placed in a foster home. Thank you RDR. If Milly had not been rescued. Would the shelter allowed her to continue with her pain and suffering. POS shelter.

  2. This is totally heartbreaking and again my sincere thank you to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. I know Milly is in good hands and will have the best care available! Keeping this precious girl in our prayers.

  3. I’m sorry Milly that humans failed you for so long. I’m sorry you had to endure so much pain without any relief from your injuries. There are so many Millies stilling in shelters today and only a few find loving homes or rescued. Rescue Dogs Rock is an unique organization where they would rescue the most neediest neglected dogs that would not be considered adoptable in their current state. Milly is in good hands now and RDR will make sure she receives the medical attention she desperately needs. RDR has given Milly a second chance to find a forever loving home.

  4. Tears. Again–Rescue Dogs Rock came through. Sounds like they come through a lot. Millie is in good hands. Hoping for all good things for Millie and Rescue Dogs Rock.

  5. RDR has this dog and will do their utmost to save her and get the best care for her. These rescue groups deserve millions to help all the abused dogs,cats and other animals in this country and world. Give what you can to help them. They appreciate whatever you can.

  6. If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Millie would be dead and this piss poor example of a ‘shelter’ would have just let her die never bothering to give her one iota of medical care which would have shown her pregnancy – it is pretty obvious she was used for breeding purposes – yet no one bothered to check her out – I abhor these hell holes that disguise themselves as ‘shelters’ when they shelter nothing.


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