Guardian Angels and animal rights activists march against NYC euthanasia policy

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On Saturday, the Guardian Angels, joined by 50 animal advocates, marched from the East Harlem Animal Care Centers shelter to Gracie Mansion repeating:

“Mayor de Blasio, stop killing cats and dogs.”

According to the New York Post, the Animal Care Centers have euthanized 2,110 cats and dogs through August across the three New York City shelters. The shelter claims 90 percent of all animals have been placed in homes.

Kate Rivello, founder at New York Animal Rights Alliance America and organizer of the event, continues to advocate for “a proven no-kill organization. We’re at a turning point where the awareness is there …”  Kate’s Facebook page explained:

“After seven years of protesting, our most important protest, the First March in History from NY ACC to the Mayor’s Gracie Mansion, garnered the most provocative truth-telling statement yet: ‘The NY ACC kills healthy animals and lies about,'” Kate Riviello the march’s organizer stated.

One of the most controversial issues includes the time period given to dogs and cats scheduled to be euthanized each day. According to the New York City Animal Care Centers, the “At Risk Online” dogs and cats have less than 18 hours to be placed with approved organizations or adopted if deemed publicly available.

At Risk List Online

“Thank you for your interest in adopting from Animal Care & Control of NYC.  Our At Risk List is posted each day at 6:00 p.m. and remains viewable until 12:00 noon the following day.”

Euthanasia for the listed animals begins 1:00 the following day. Individuals and rescue groups often scramble trying to find suitable placement for those at risk. Tragically, it doesn’t always work since adoptions and foster arrangements can often take a longer period of time.

During the rally, some shelter volunteers blasted the marchers stating the rally discourages adoptions.  Many volunteers for the city shelters spend endless hours helping as do staff members. Rescue organizations are able to get extensions when working to save dogs and cats already on the list, and it’s not a “cut and dry” death sentence as the clock strikes the end of the waiting period. There just needs to be more work done, and protesters like the Guardian Angels and Kate Riviello are the people speaking out for those who have no voices.

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(Photo screenshot of Guardian Angels and protest via Facebook and the NY Post)

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13 replies
  1. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This killing has got to STOP!!! There is no reason for these beautiful babies to be killed so quickly!!!! STOP KILLING!!!

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    NY – 18 hours?!?!? Are you serious??? While this is reprehensible to be sure, the people who breed irresponsibly and dump animals are at the core of this situation. However, 18 hours is NOT now nor will it ever be acceptable.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    NY’s finest are those who speak out about what is wrong with this city.
    They make change because they the people wont shut up about it. Killing healthy animals is wrong. its just not fair.
    too many begging faces, not enough places.
    so whats the solution?
    well start paying someone to figure it out. the present system isnt working and it seems to be falling on the backs of these champions of the under dogs. these woman in there 50s and above. they are doing it for free and its just not fair and its barely working.I see the same people in rescue in Manhattan and long island. unemployed or retired often limping. and these are the animal champions and unsung heroes of mercy. dedicated former mothers teachers nurses and professionals or not but these are the woman emptying dog shelters in devore and scrambling and literally Pulling animals off kill lines.Their homes are rundown and they drive old cars and they wake up 5 am to feed the cats behind the gas station.
    in January every dime they have goes to animals in need and they are not sick of it but i for one am sick of it.
    . its not fair. they are with out funds and are out numbered.
    it is wrong. you need a few more depts and drop a few old ones. We need a better way of introducing unwanted and lost pets to potential rescued homes.
    what is needed is a new way to hype to empty house syndrome generation as well as increasing elder generation that therapy and companion pets are beneficial to a quality of life .
    this is the untapped and ready market. they just dont know it yet because unlike us friends there is a lot of people who have never known animal companionship.
    we need to tap into this marked like lives depended on it. ours, theirs and the pets. no body should be in a kennel out side a gas chamber or lethal injection just for being born. unloved, unclaimed.
    Seems like we have the love and the energy. lets just redirect the energy.
    The shout out heard around the 5 boroughs of NYC.
    Will a hand full of NY doctors please step forward and prescribing less medication and more dog and cat companion and guardianship? perscribed to the lonely, the ailing and those seeking comfort and well being?
    on the cheep also addictive with positive results and high moral reward.
    were ready to free some death row innocents
    Waiting from that call from the mayor to halt the Execution.

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    18 hours? And a good majority of that time is during the night when everybody is sleeping? They must have planned it like that! Come on NY step up and do the right thing! You’re not doing enough for these pups!

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Why only give them 18 hours? And a good majority of that time is during the night when everybody is sleeping? They must have planned it like that! Come on NY step up and do the right thing! You’re not doing enough for these pups!

  6. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    Ban puppy mills in all our states we do not want our animals being bred when we are killing millions. Stop the sale of animals in stores and breeders!!!!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    It’s hard to believe they have a 90% adoption rate when they have killed 2,110 cats and dogs through August. Come on New York City, you can do better than this! Do a better job of getting these pets noticed and long before they only have 18 hours before being euthanized!

  8. Adrienne says:

    I adopted a dog from the Manhattan ACC and we were quite fortunate to get a wonderful dog who otherwise may have been killed. Yes, they do kill more healthy, adoptable pets and many reasons are based on stupid owner for saying negative things about the dog when they turn them in as strays (although they can tell you everything about a dog they supposedly just found). These dogs are scared, show fear from being in a strange place and they need full time trainers in each shelter to help these dogs adjust.
    This shitty Mayor DeBlasio was suppose to make these shelters NO KILL, has never happened even though they take MADDIE grants that are suppose to be used for the animals to find homes.The shelters in NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island should all be no kill and train the right people to make these dogs/cats adoptable.

    • ellen cottone says:

      you got it adrienne
      you take these animals and you get a pro and invest a little time and money and medicine and groom for success in big city life .no wonder they kill so many animals they are killing the most sensitive and scared ones.
      Euth. day in NYC is nothing but a freekin cop out!
      its lazy part not wanting to modernising us shelter adoption system it should be nation wide not state and county wide. thats just stupid.
      but the real evil
      is the lack of computer savvy with in the systems between shelters and transport. New programs please!!
      put 10 twenty years on it for 3 months. they will map out transport and sanctuary and open an animals chance at adoption with in the united states not just within a county..
      one thing that ends today is the nonsense of someone in Boston wants to adopt a former street stray Yorkie but the dog is in California and refused because they dont adopt out out of town.
      this is 20017 we have the ways. All shelters should be connected . Its like they forget how easy it is now.
      and one more thing every county has to have a live feed of the local kill shelter on cable tv and a small bio and a grand portrait of every adoptable and shown on TV,
      24/7. a beauty parade of cats and dogs. and their miserable purgatory , waiting for deliverance. and worth their weight in gold.
      call it the new cable TV…
      looking at love, in all the beautiful faces TV.
      Now put some one on it.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    I have been signing petitions and protesting NYCACC’s murders of healthy animals which includes puppies and kittens for years – the volunteers seem to be the only ones who care – nothing will change until the lying sack of shit mayor, DeBlasio and his killer cohort, Weinstock are ousted. NYCACC does not need a damn lawyer as a director – they need someone who will care about animals which is definitely not the case w/Weinstock.

  10. susispot says:

    Every shelter should be man’d by true and honest animal lovers. Only those that have the heart and the passion to get the animals into loving homes should be at the “reins”. Maybe some day that will be a reality. Protesters bring awareness. They may turn off some to that day’s adoptions, but I have no doubt many, many more are saved in the following days because people want to make a difference now that they know of the insanely short hold time.

  11. Red says:

    All shelters should be NO KILL. There should be a 5 year BAN on ALL BREEDERS….. even legal ones! All pet stores should only have shelter pets for adoption….and NO SALES….adoption only. Once adopted, the pet should be spayed, neutered and microchipped NO EXCEPTIONS Pet over population HAS GOT TO COME TO A CLOSE….. murdering these poor babies at this rate is just sick!! I do not know how anyone can live with themselves that works in these places. I would starve before working somewhere that murders animals.


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