We can do more: Blind and deaf 12-year-old senior needs out of shelter

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Poor little Nicky; she is on a senior alert. Downey Animal Care Center shelter volunteers Sal Valdepena and Linda Chute worry about the 12-year-old senior who has been at the shelter since July 9. 

Quite sure Nicky is blind and deaf, the pint sized pooch only weighs 11 pounds and has a  heart murmur (1-2/6) The shelter, although volunteers and staff try to make this difficult situation as pleasant as they can for this little pooch, Nicky just doesn’t seem to be able to get comfortable. She paces, shakes and has not been eating well lately. Her tiny stiff legs lack regular exercise; a shelter cage is not a proper home for Nicky.

Share little Nicky’s plight with friends, family and approved rescue organizations. Doesn’t this little elder gal deserve more than this? We can do better and get her into the right loving home where the rest of her days will be filled with sunlight and love. Follow Nicky’s Facebook page here.

When inquiring about this dog, make sure to reference #A5087631.

Downey Animal Care Center
(562) 940-6891
11258 Garfield Ave Downey, CA 90242

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

(Photos and video courtesy of Sal Valdepena and Linda Chute)




Posted by Linda Chute on Sunday, September 17, 2017





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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    There must be ‘someone ‘ out there that has the KIND and gentle heart to give the ” Deserving Senior Girl” the chance to be cuddled, cherished, and treated with the LOVE she NEEDS in this TIME IN HER LIFE!!! “FROSTED FACES” WHERE ARE YOU??? She needs a RESCUE LIKE YOU ON HER SIDE!!!!

  2. vicki hood says:

    If rescue can pull her and she can go on transport to Roseburg Oregon i would take her as a forever home. I have room in my bed with 4 other disabled dogs. I am older and i volunteer transport. Cheryl Bishop Ray knows me. Nicky would be so welcomed and loved here. Please someone get this together for me?


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