Husky found entangled in homemade chain harness embedded into neck and shoulders

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If he could talk, the young Siberian husky found scavenging in the area of Laurens, South Carolina over the weekend, would surely have a sorrowful tale to tell. Found as a stray, not only was his chain harness collar deeply embedded into his neck, but it also wrapped around his shoulders and legs cutting painfully into his body whenever he would move. 

When animal advocates needed help, they called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The organization’s co-founder, Jackie O’Sullivan said there was no way she could refuse. Dubbed Timber, the critically injured dog who smelled like rotting flesh, was rushed to the organization’s emergency veterinarian on Friday evening.

“This poor guy was last night’s 911. He’s a husky with not only an embedded chain collar, but it’s wrapped around his legs too like a homemade harness! Can you imagine? It cuts not only into his neck but his legs and shoulders too. And on top of this, he’s emaciated. He also appears to have been beaten per our vet,” described Jackie as she posted extremely graphic photos showing the veterinarian team using wire cutters to break away the deeply embedded chains in Timber’s neck and shoulders.

On Saturday, Timber underwent surgery and is resting comfortably. He is currently being treated for extensive infections and given pain medication to ease his discomfort. This dog is one of the lucky ones; he was found in time. Had he been left to wander on his own much longer, the serious infections would have ravaged his body and soon he would have died.

Watch for Timber’s updates as his condition improves. 

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(Photos and videos of dog with chain harness courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Candice Garcia)



Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Saturday, July 1, 2017


14 replies
    • Debbie says:

      These hilllbillys aren’t too smart or especially concerned about a dog’s welfare. Bunch of sickos!!!!!!!! Wish someone who knows the people/persons who did this would post their name & pic. Those who are more sane should address these scum bags and teach them a lesson in life. What you give out you get back. Hang on for your ride psycho hilllbillys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    OMG, how does this happen, the abuse this poor dog suffered is unimaginable! Thank you Rescue Dogs Rock NYC again for stepping up and helping an injured dog.

  2. susispot says:

    Weird video. I’m glad this dog was rescued. He was in desperate need of help. His life will be better from now on. Thank you RDRNYC.

  3. Daniel Clarkson says:

    I hope that they find the POS that did that to him. Siberian husky’s are beautiful dogs, and don’t do anything that deserves that sort of cruelty. Hope and prayers for his survival, and eventual movement to a loving furever home.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    THANK YOU RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC – Because of your dedication to saving animals Timber is alive and being cared for. If not for you he surely would have been put down – I hope he fully recovers and gets the safe loving home he so well deserves and never had.

  5. Mary Ann Clark says:

    They need to find the people who did this immediately and put them in prison for a very long time or maybe for life!

  6. Vicki Hood says:

    Rescue Dogs Rock NYC does some awesome work. The innocents are safe and healing with their care. To see the animals helped brings tears. Their suffering stops in loving hands. Timber is safe.

  7. Debbie says:

    Ignorant hillbilly trash. Gene pool doesn’t stretch too far. No conscience. No morals just sadistic psychopath with zero conscience. Bottom feeders. There is no hope for them. They need to be rounded up and herded into a giant arena and locked in. Let them stay there and torture each other.


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