Partially disfigured and suffering little dog abandoned behind Quebec City apartment complex

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Authorities is Quebec City are investigating an animal cruelty and neglect case after a small dog was found behind an apartment building severely injured over the weekend. When the new tenants arrived to move it, they were shocked and horrified to see part of the dog’s face had been torn off, and he had been left to suffer in agonizing pain.

According to Radio Canada, the rescue group Fideles Moustachus was called upon to rescue the dog. Rescue employee, Audrey Belleau’s heart broke when she found the dog:

“These are things that are difficult to experience. Not only was the animal suffering, but you could hear it suffering,” Audrey  stated.

The dog’s injuries were so severe veterinarians examining him decided humane euthanasia was necessary. A criminal complaint has been filed with the Quebec City police. The responsible person could face a prison sentence. In a statement from the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals, the dog’s condition and the abuse he suffered was referred to as “disgusting.”


Fideles Moustachus has also noted a huge increase in stray dogs and voluntary surrenders for the month of June when many annual leases expire.

“It’s a big month — that’s an 80 per cent increase in strays over May, and a 50 per cent increase in animals surrendered voluntarily,” said Fideles Moustachus spokesperson Vicky Lamontagne.

Rest in peace little dog. We can only hope your abuser is found and punished.

(Photo of disfigured dog (blurred) via Fideles Moustachus Facebook)

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  1. Rip sweet angel ???? I’m so sorry the human that was suppose too love ❤️ you let you down. Prayers that the piece of shit that did this too you is found and pays for this horrific crime

  2. Poor baby….so sad. I hope this little one isn’t forgot and there is justice for him. Please don’t forget him Quebec!!!

  3. So Sad. I hope you find the responsible person who did this and do the same to him then throw his dumb ass in Prison!!!!! RIP Baby!!!

  4. Please catch who did this… was probably who lived their last….. did the baby have a collar or tags or a chip….please catch who this….they have to pay…..what kind of person hurts a little baby so much smaller than they are…..a coward, that’s who & I hope you see this post because you are a big COWARD…..and they will catch you, so you better hide good, because the police are coming after you.

  5. The subhuman who tortured this poor dog will hopefully find themselves attacked, disfigured and left to die in the gutter – give them the same mercy they gave an innocent animal – NONE!!

  6. Suffer in hell whoever tortured this innocent. Do hope there is an eye for an eye punishment. Keep us posted as to the insane perps. RIP little one. I would love to meet and love you forever at the rainbow bridge.


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