Heartbreaking: 14-year-old Maltese weighing just 2 pounds winds up at shelter

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If only Rose could talk. The heartbreaking photo of a neglected two-pound Maltese and poodle mix estimated to be 14-years-old brought tears to everyone’s eyes. How does a little senior like this get lost or stray away from home? She can’t jump nor can she run quick enough to escape. Her coat is a matted mess, and she’s underweight.

The staff at the Ventura County Animal Services have named her Rose. She is currently in the medical section of the shelter, and she is being treated and made comfortable. Click here for Rose’s Pet Harbor adoption link:

“My name is Rose and I am an unaltered female, white Poodle – Toy.


If you are interested in me, please visit the shelter during normal business hours.

The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Nov 08, 2017.”

For more information about Rose, call Ventura County Animal Services – Camarillo at 805-388-4341. Make sure to reference A676179. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here. According to the shelter, Rose has a microchip and therefore will be kept at the shelter November 19. At this time, donations are being pledged to help an approved rescue organization with her medical expenses.

Cathi Perez According to the shelter she is doing great and doesn’t have any serious or life threatening issues, they are taking very good care of her.”

Sadly, the rescue community shakes their  heads in disbelief knowing someone most likely abandoned Rose because she was old.

(Photo of Maltese via Pet Harbor and Ventura County Animal Services)

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  1. Some things just never change. I wish my dogs would live forever and dread the day when they pass on, and there are people who wouldn’t think twice dumping their senior dogs. I hope one day the POS who abandoned this little pup will rot in a third rate nursing home.

  2. I would love this treasure……

    Problem is I am in Northern California and have tried before without success to get a local group to help pull and transport…..

  3. It is sooo hard to see her so frail. I hope that the person that let her get like this is not looking to claim her. Good grief. They need to be beaten.

  4. Please someone adopt this doggie I pray he will have a loving & beautiful home asap god bless him why do these evil people put him in a shelter horrible bg

  5. Luckily, my friend closed down the gas chamber in Ventura county (Camarillo shelter) in the 80’s. Glad to hear the claim this tiny innocent is doing well. Hope someone takes this baby home and spoils her to the max. Her original owners do not deserve to get her back. She is a clear case of neglect. Please let her be free of them. Someone needs her to love and cherish not ignore and mistreat.

  6. Another case of some human maggot who did not want to bother with her anymore – Rose deserves to be sitting on someone’s lap in a nice warm home being loved and cared for – PLEASE some kind person step up and give her the safe loving home she obviously never had – you will never regret it – senior dogs make excellent companions.


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