Most unwanted pet in Britain: Stanley spends his 400th day in shelter

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As a puppy, Stanley was abandoned at a park. He was terrified and underweight. And now over one-year later, labeled in Britain as the “most unwanted pet in Britain,” the sweet Shar-Pei mixed dubiously celebrated his 400th day at the shelter.

According to the Cambridge News, the RSPCA staff are hoping to find the two-year-old pup a home by Christmas and have therefore launched a social media campaign to find the dog who has spent nearly half his life in a shelter, a loving home. Somehow Stanley didn’t even attract any attention when he appeared on an episode of Dog Rescuers, so the search continues.

Originally Stanley spent his time in Buckinghamshire, but after the rescue organization couldn’t place him, he was transferred to the RSPCA  Block Fen Animal Center in Cambridgeshire.

“Normally when people celebrate a milestone, it’s a happy occasion,” stated dog handler Vicky Cooper, “but for us, this milestone is heart-breaking as it means that another day has passed without poor Stanley finding a new home.”

Can you believe Stanley has never had one inquiry? Poor boy. So here we are less than two months until Christmas. Can you share this dog’s plight with friends, family and social media? Sharing saves lives. Just think about people you know who would love to provide this wonderful dog with the attention he deserves. The rescue staff recommend a quiet home for this beautiful dog – one where he can overcome his shyness when he first meets new people and have enjoy some nice long walks with his new human. (No other pets in the home please)

Anyone interested in offering Stanley a home, contact the RSPCA at 0300 123 0726.

(Photos of most unwanted pet via the RSPCA)

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17 replies
  1. Christine Brown says:

    I hope and pray that Stanley finds a home ASAP. As he is a good looking dog. Come on all of you Pommies there has got to be one of you who would adopt Stanley. If i was still living in ENGLAND i would adopt him straight away

  2. Adrienne says:

    There must be at least one family in England that doesn’t have any pets and can give this guy a forever home? He would thrive so much in a home of his own and even along the way adjust to other pets brought into the home. He just needs a family to give him the love to truly feel safe.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    What is it that people do not see in this beautiful dog? Stanley would make some lucky person a wonderful companion and give all the love he never got before. PLEASE some kind hearted human step up for Stanley – you will NEVER regret it.

  4. ni says:

    awww he’s the right age for my boy to have as a playmate it’s a shame he so adorable … if he could live with other dogs a would come and get him tomorrow

  5. Lisa Foster says:

    Someone please give Stanley a loving forever home! There must be someone in England that would love this handsome boy. I will help with Fees, if this is the reason. I live in the U.S.
    Please someone!


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