Zoo’s ailing and skinny lion draws social media outrage

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A once regal lion, now ailing and skinny just lies in his cage. No one hears his once mighty roar. Comilla Zoo’s lone lion, Juboraj is 18-years-old, and his “almost living death” photo has gone viral on social media. Comilla Zoo and Botanical Garden is located in Comilla, Bangladesh. It is comprised of an area of 10.15 acres of land located at Kaliajhuri area of the Comilla District. Besides the lonely lion, there are eight monkeys, three moor fowls and three deer. There’s just not much to see, the zoo looks run down and bare, but the world has spoken out about Juboraj.

According to the Dhaka Tribune, the zoo’s management has kept the lion out for display – bringing tears and downright indignation as visitors gasp when they see his physical appearance. Juboraj barely responds. When the chief executive of the zoo, Sonjoy Kumar Bhowmik, was questioned about the lion’s  condition, he stated:

“Juboraj is in critical condition. We have called up veterinarians for his treatment in the past. The veterinarians informed that a lion has an average life span of 14 years and Juboraj is already 18. We brought him from the Chittagong Zoo eighteen years back.”

Bangladesh has no policy about humanely euthanizing aging zoo animals to relieve them of their suffering, and as stated by the zoo’s curator, all they can do is keep Juboraj under medical care.

In order to quell the outrage of the lion’s condition, the lion will be moved out of the public’s view. Dhaka Zoo’s Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Nazmul Hasan made the announcement last week as worldwide outrage increased in volume:

“The lion has long been suffering from several age-related complexities. We will provide him with food and medication as long as he survives but he will not be displayed anymore.”

A Care2 petition can be followed here.

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  1. This poor lion is dying (& probably of an illness like cancer)…… Tragic that he is simply “lingering” and not enjoying his life……

    I always thought veterinarians took an oath to “first do no harm”….. How can a veterinarian allow this animal to continue in this state is shocking to me…..

    I am fully aware that different countries have different practices but this poor animal is suffering……..

  2. So Bangladesh will allow this poor animal to suffer – no where does it say in the post that the zoo cannot humanely euthanize Juboraj and to prolong his pain is completely inhumane and cruel. This poor lion has been exploited long enough in this piss hole of a zoo – WAKE UP and do the right thing – humanely put him down.

  3. OMG….just OMG!!! I’m in tears over this and deeply outraged and mortified!!! Too bad we can’t exterminate the POS’s in the world masquerading as humans and making their living off the immense suffering of animals!! THIS IS SICKENING

  4. What the hell is the matter with the vets in this country not to humanely euthanize this elderly lion. He is laying, skin and bones, waiting to die. They prolong this majestic animals life by still feeding him even though he is emaciated. Moving him out of the publics eyes isn’t the answer, but giving this animal some peace, is what needs to be done. Also remove the other animals to a larger zoo where they can be taken care of. Horrible that these animals live like this and depend on humans to take care of them.

  5. Oh yes….that takes care of this inhumane treatment, abuse and torture. Move him out of the public’s sight!!
    Everyone involved with that torture chamber disguised as a zoo should be ASHAMED!!!!

  6. The world is watching your cruelty Bangladesh, and wondering why you are treating this lion in such a primitive way. Are you not progressive or enlightened enough to understand barbarism?


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