Elephant and lion trophies brought back to U.S. legal again says Trump

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In another reversal of an Obama policy, prohibiting the importation of endangered animals back to the United States, has been overturned by the Trump administration. The restrictions were put in place to discourage the hunting and poaching of animals that are on the threatened species and who have been targeted for their ivory. In 2015, the Fish and Wildlife Service suspended the import of trophy hunted elephants citing the lack of any statistics relevant to conservation efforts.

On Wednesday, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it will allow trophy hunters to legally bring back their killed wildlife, which now removes restrictions on permits. In a newly created arm of the Department of the Interior, the International Wildlife Conservation Council states it wants to bring:

“…economic benefits that result from U.S. citizens traveling to foreign nations to engage in hunting.”

The IWCC contends overturning the previous rules will benefit “human populations.” There is no supporting research to accompany this latest “conservation” platitude, yet the council states that hunting in Zimbabwe and Zambia will help their conservation efforts. In support of the latest policy is the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action executive director, Chris Cox:

“This is a significant step forward in having hunting receive the recognition it deserves as a tool of sound wildlife management, which has been all but buried in the previous administration.”

ABCNews reports the government has not actually announced the policy change yet, but it was  announced at a wildlife forum in South Africa this week, according to Safari Club International, which filed a lawsuit to block the 2014 ban.

Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric Trump are big game hunters and have posted many photos of their hunting exploits, including posing with an elephant’s severed tail and a leopard drawing the ire of animal advocates and humane organizations worldwide. The brothers continue to take hunting trips although they have not been posting their photos. According to Buzz Feed, Trump Jr. ditched his Secret Service protection  in September to go hunting in the Canadian wilderness. He calls hunting “a great way to see the world,” and is pictured holding an elephant’s tail he had just severed.

And if you’re wondering where else all this is coming from, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, whose department includes the Fish and Wildlife Service, he speaks of remembering the days he went on family hunting trips and now wants more families to experience. After installing the arcade game called “Big Buck Hunter” in the department’s cafeteria, he had this to say:

“Some of my best memories are hunting and fishing with my dad and granddad, and then later teaching my own kids to hunt and fish. That’s something I want more families to experience.”

For most Americans, it is hard to forget the Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer who shot Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, sparking an outrage for killing one of the most beloved African lion that some say his hunting group lured away from the sanctuary with food just so the lion could be shot; that safari hunt for Cecil cost Palmer $50,000 and months of ridicule and criticism.

As for the elephants in Zimbabwe, their population continues to decline, and in the past hunters have always chosen to chase the healthiest and the largest elephants to garner a more impressive trophy.

Most Americans oppose big game hunting and say it should be illegal. In response to this latest government reversal, Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States responded with the following, citing Zimbabwe politics:

“This jarring announcement comes on the same day that global news sources report that Mr. Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s aging dictator, is under house arrest following a military coup. This fact in and of itself highlights the absurdity and illegal nature of the FWS decision to find that Zimbabwe is capable of ensuring that elephant conservation and trophy hunting are properly managed. During the last two years, poachers in the country have poisoned several dozen elephants, including young calves.”

Pacelle continues:

“Government officials cash in by capturing elephant calves who are still dependent on their mothers and exporting them to China for use in zoos. Perhaps not surprisingly, a hunting outfitter advertised elephant hunts in Zimbabwe as soon as the SCI announcement was made public. It’s a venal and nefarious, pay-to-slay arrangement that Zimbabwe has set up with the trophy hunting industry.”

“Let’s be clear: elephants are on the list of threatened species; the global community has rallied to stem the ivory trade; and now, the U.S. government is giving American trophy hunters the green light to kill them.”

Read the previous article about Cecil the Lion.

(Photo courtesy of Dan McBride)

(Additional photo of Trump holding tail via Facebook)

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26 replies
  1. Helen says:

    Now why am I not surprise. Trump has no respect for wildlife, the environment, people in general and anyone who earns less than a billion dollars. Trophy hunting in Africa is popular with Trump’s two sons. Lets have open season to hunt Trumps and mount their heads to the wall for target practice. We have a morally bankrupted president.

    • Linda Szymoniak says:

      The only ones who will “benefit” from this are the big game hunters, those who get paid to lead the hunts, and any airline willing to ship the trophies. We can only hope that the airlines who banned the transport of these animal trophies maintain their own rules. I don’t think our government can force them to bring them in. I really hope not.

    • Diana Rowell says:

      I was thinking the SAME thing. Let’s round up all these Trump sub-human maggots and put them in an enclosed area and have a CANNED hunt. Prey on them like the corrupt, thieving sadistic monsters that they are, shoot them in a way that allows for HOURS of an excruciating death, cut their ugly heads off and mount them as trophies. What a big win that would be for Americans. Talk about making American great, that would go a long way in achieving that goal.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is something I would expect from the “trophy” hunting Trumps! I think it is well documented that Trump’s sons are “great white hunters”. This administration doesn’t care about endangered species or the environment at all. Oh yes let’s bring back “family hunting trips”, not like there isn’t enough killing going on already!

    • Linda Szymoniak says:

      It’s going to continue to get harder and harder even to protect domestic animals, like dogs and cats. All the work animal advocates have done will all be for nothing!

  3. ellen cottone says:

    so the back door dealings have been reveiled.
    how happy the chinese and japanese looked , all smiles. now they get their hands on raw stock african ivory so they can have their little ivory carvings “netsuke”. Thats just Awesome!!
    trump, just allowed the import of ivory , african ivory to be allowed to be exploited, with in and by the united states again! a contra ban, banned and enforced by every American Presidant since the 1980s.
    brovo evil trumpakus!!
    how you can be so heartless!?
    Once again you leave me gasping for air.
    So your son , puke face jr and dispical dentists, from minnesota ( who kill celebrity lion, collared,owned and monotored by Harvard), and rich , bored pukes from texas and utah can feel free to kill, transport and display.

    Oh, you will go down as the most hated man in American History
    Wave ya hands in the air like ya just dont care
    cause ya just dont give a crap.

    Now how does this make America great again??
    The America that Was Great before you got your lously crap hooks into it.
    You need to drain your own swamp on the watery shores of the Potomac river.
    You make me understand This latest slap in the face of mercy and common decency Trump!!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    the dentist walter palmer who killed a protected lion in his protected home. had cecils head , gouged from his body by hunting knife.
    He fought like hell to bring it state side but, neither zimbabwai or the United States would allow transport.
    The only justice was he could NOT own and display his Trophy.
    Let me guess. Now he gets to have his head and eat it too!?
    Thats just Awesome!

  5. Debbie says:

    Oh no……I voted for President Trump and I am saddened that he is supporting the killing of wild game. Everyday more & more animals lives are taken…..these wild animals aren’t killed for their meat…..they are killed to boost egos….that’s it.
    Please stop this madness……can you start a petition to the President….I will gladly sign & share with every one I know.

    • ellen cottone says:

      as an act of contrition,why dont you start a pitition debbie, we are sick of having to clean up after you trumps. while you are at it why not inform your self on all the other atrocitys trump reversed. Taking animals off endanger lists, reversing animal protections, lifting protections on americas wild horses and wild donkeys being rounded up for slaughter to canada and mexico, lifting sanctions against factory farming of slaughter animals, legalising puppy mills, giving the green light to the dekota acess pipe line within days of him stealing office. fracking on protected federal lands, uranium mining, drilling offshoe in our waters and alaska. to name a few. its about time you woke up and smelled the burning coffie you blindly allowed in the name of just didnt care to know the facts in you poor choices. come on debbie, shake a tail feather, before there are no more tail feathers to shake. he just sold off protected federal lands and parks and anicent american forests that never had roads in them so they can mine and frack. and when you pick your self off the floor join us new friend. we need your voice and words of protest. but what we really need you to do is speak for us, to all your other friends and trump supporters.your here today for a reason. to be forgivin by us. you are now forgivin and that is a powerful thing, because you just spoke up for what is right. welcome new friend. we have been waiting for you to come around.

      • Linda Szymoniak says:

        Our current administration doesn’t care about animals. Hell, they don’t care about people. Look at Puerto Rico and the suffering that continues there for lack of support from our government.

      • ellen cottone says:

        agreed Linda s. somehow we have to hold on and I am sorry dark times are apon us . I will pass the time trying to help and comfort myself in the hope that the suffering he inflicts upon people and and sacred land and animals will all be overthrown as he is being kicked to the curb with his tory family and all the carp he stood for, including partial mounted animal heads. because someday a real rain will come and wash the real scum and pollution off the water soaked banks of the potomac.it was never a swamp at all, never!! it is a river and it is fresh and clean and brimming with life. as god is my whiteness we we live thru this.and there is a tomorrow. not me, nor any of my kin ,or friends or animals of the field will never again suffer at the hands of a heartless over Lord. our founding fathers are rolling in their grave. and lived and died so we would never again be missused,deceived by money, our precious lands and natural resources to be plundered or to either endure the yoke of tyranny. in the meantime we stick together. and we shout it in the streets so history knows we stood up against it. we the people of the United States of America stand down now. because for the dark one, he knows his days are numbered.that I can assure you.mark my words and put it on your calander. my name is Ellen Cottone. I am what it means to be American. I know the constitution, the declaration, and I know the pledge of allegiance word for word. just try and get in my way

  6. carrie ainsley says:

    It should be obvious that EVERYTHING Trump does is to bend the world to his own perverted selfish views and to benefit his own finances. He is an enemy of everything that is good and right, and if he’s not impeached over his atrocities there is something very wrong with our country.

  7. ellen cottone says:

    dont ever give up hope good people. its all parlor tricks we up by corruptible humanoids. do your goid work and your good kind deeds for one another help animals who cry out for our mercy and never ever turn your back on those who need you. god bless us all . do one small thing to make the world better today , just one small selfless act.and together we will stand up to evil and want and it will flee. keep in touch. don’t panick, confusion is just a parlor trick of evil it is ment to turn us against each other. we got this

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Personally, I would love to see Trump and his murdering offspring’s heads displayed on a wall – this piss poor example of a man, much less a president is doing so much harm to this country and this is just another underhanded action to ensure he gets his way. He is a major embarrassment to this country and keeps right on proving it. He is a despicable man and I am ashamed his fat ass is in the white house.

  9. susispot says:

    It is so disgusting to see that ugly Trump with the severed tail from the murdered elephant. Why, I have to ask? Isn’t it enough you have to slay the innocent animal? But to mutilate both ends makes my stomach churn. Ugh…

  10. Diana Rowell says:

    I was thinking the SAME thing. Let’s round up all these Trump sub-human maggots and put them in an enclosed area and have a CANNED hunt. Prey on them like the corrupt, thieving sadistic monsters that they are, shoot them in a way that allows for HOURS of an excruciating death, cut their ugly heads off and mount them as trophies. What a big win that would be for Americans. Talk about making American great, that would go a long way in achieving that goal.

  11. Helen says:

    I can’t agree more! Trump, you’re nothing but a POS and a flawed president. Mount his disgusting head and use it as target practice, and as for his sons, I hope they’re eaten alive by lions or stomped to death by a herd elephants. The entire Trump clan is morally bankrupt and thus, we should exercise our 2nd amendment and send them all to hell!

  12. Gabe says:

    You have no business coming to our Canadian wilderness for trophy hunting our benevolent animals.

    So if the poacher is seen, they will become the poached target.


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