Despite Trump calling big game hunting ‘horror’ council promotes killing

On Friday, a federal government council met for the first time to begin efforts to advise Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on how to improve public awareness concerning the benefits of big game hunting here and … Read More

Big game hunter shot and killed while stalking captive-bred lion

A Croatian big game hunter was shot and killed during a hunting expedition in South Africa on Saturday. Pero Jelinic, whose reputation describes him as having “hunted everything that could be hunted in Europe,” had … Read More

WH says decision on elephant and lion trophies brought back to U.S. not final but…

At the White House press briefing Thursday afternoon, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters when asked about the reported policy shift referencing the ban on elephant trophies lifted and whether he changed his views on hunting, … Read More

Elephant and lion trophies brought back to U.S. legal again says Trump

In another reversal of an Obama policy, prohibiting the importation of endangered animals back to the United States, has been overturned by the Trump administration. The restrictions were put in place to discourage the hunting … Read More

Hunter grinning and bragging about moose kills draws online disgust

Calling herself an “outdoor enthusiast,” Jessica Grays’ latest post on social media, showcasing 20 photos of killing a moose while hunting in Alaska, has set the pace for a river of comments of disgust from … Read More

South African big game hunter crushed by elephant falling on top of him

In Zimbabwe, a professional South African big game hunter was killed on Friday after an elephant shot by a member of the group fell. Theunis Botha, 51, had been walking with his friends when three … Read More

Vet who posed with lion he killed as trophy dies while hunting

An Italian veterinarian who was fired from his job as director of a kennel, after killing a lion and a warthog while on safari in Tanzania, died while hunting birds. Luciano Ponzetto, 55, died this … Read More