Disgruntled boyfriend tosses dog and cat out second floor apartment window

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In San Antonio, Texas a disgruntled boyfriend tosses his girlfriend’s dog and cat out of an apartment window during a domestic argument.

According to the City of Antonio Animal Care Services, Fernando Morgan, 46, was arrested on Thursday after stunned witnesses saw the pets being flung into the parking lot at the Warren Inn Apartments located on Magic Drive. Morgan became irate after this girlfriend told him to leave and never return.

Witnesses reported to Animal Care Services, that the six-year-old rat terrier named Ruby was pushed down the concrete stairway and then thrown out of the second story window twice, landing on the girlfriend’s car and shattering the windshield upon impact. Ruby suffers from multiple injuries, including a cracked pelvis, ribs and two broken legs. Ruby will most likely be sent to a rescue group after recovery.

The cat, whose name is Midnight, thankfully suffered only minor injuries and has since been adopted into a loving home.

Felony animal cruelty in Texas is punishable by a $10,000 fine and a maximum of two years in prison. Currently Morgan remains in jail in lieu of a $15,000 bond.

(Photos of disgruntled boyfriend via booking photo. Photos of dog and cat Facebook)

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15 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    Put this A-HOLE away for the maximum term, for EACH COMPANION.. and run the sentences CONSECUTIVELY!

    If there’s ANY justice in this world, fellow inmates will toss HIM off the TOP of the highest elevation in the prison, making SURE he lands on his utterly useless, empty head!

  2. Janie L. says:

    Yet another piece of cowardly excrement walking among us abusing animals because he does not have the capability to deal with his fellow humans and resolve issues without acting like an infant in a tantrum. They should all be rounded up and sent to some deserted island where they would undoubtedly kill each other off. One can hope…

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      In other words Fernando Morgan is a spineless punk who can only react by hurting those who cannot defend themselves. Big man who has the mind and emotional make up of a five year old who breaks their toys in anger. Another waste of flesh and bone who, hopefully, will end up where he belongs, lying dead in the gutter.

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    This rotten abusive POS deserves a lot more than the maximum…..but will most likely receive barely a slap on the wrist so that he can be sent on his merry way and continue with his violent cruel actions in his miserable life!!! I shudder to think what he will do the next time he gets mad! Just like all abusers he will harm whatever is weaker and smaller than him! Hope he steps off a curb and gets mowed down by a semi truck! ASSHOLE

  4. Adrienne says:

    Everyone who has commented before me, I agree with 100%. This scum should be on an island with other deranged things, and let them fight each other until no one is left. Save the American people from having to pay for these crazies in jail, and they still get released and do that again and even worse. No redemption for these non-humans.

  5. Me' says:

    Give him the maximum pemalties. $10k 2 years but would prefer 10 years. Never allowed to be around any sentient beings for the rest of his pathetic life. JUSTICE HAS TO BE SERVED no more leniency for these EVIL COWARDS

  6. J. Martin says:

    Ugly assed POS .. what this fucker needs is to be shot by the cops .. or shot by anyone actually. Because he sorry life isn’t worth sweet fuck all

  7. Debbie says:

    Please lock him up & throw away the key….it was not the little animals fault the girlfriend told him to get out…..look at him, he’s a monster….I pray they don’t get the dog back & that it can be adopted into a loving forever home….Bless their heart….I also pray the girl doesn’t take him back either. I’m sick of couples fighting. & the poor animals have to pay.

  8. pennysdachshund says:

    As we have all seen in prior posts SAN ANTONIO IS NOT big on punishing and holding Animal Abusers accountable… Let’s just hope this time a judge will take a serious look at the psychological profile of this “Gutless, spineless, ” psychopath… This could have just as well been a small child or elder, or even the woman who may have finally had enough of his crap…. These two companion animals DID NOT deserve the treatment they got and I hope they both obtain a loving home and not have to suffer again…

  9. susispot says:

    Big bad ass dude…throws an itty bitty dog and cat out the window. I hope that made you feel like a tough guy. In my eyes you are 1/2 in. tall, or more correctly….short. You need to bunk with Bubba and get a real lesson in fear. If you want to be loved you need to be lovable. We’re all safer with you off the streets because you are an animal abuser of itty bitty puppies and kitties. What’s next, babies?

  10. Red says:

    Lock this puke excuse of a human up and NEVER LET HIM OUT….. just seeing his ugly face makes me want to HURT him. How did he get away with throwing that poor dog TWICE!?!?! No one could stop him!?!??!


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