Family dog shot in face by car thieves eluding police

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In Dover, Florida, it is unknown if a family dog will survive after having been shot in the face protecting his family on Thursday after two strangers ran through the yard running from authorities.

According to WflaNews, Jim Ryans had been doing yard work at his home located on Blackjack Road with his three-year-old red-nosed pit bull named Roscoe, when the dog spotted two men running through the yard and went to the defense of his family. The men shot the pup in the face and kept running.

“Couple of young guys came running through and shot my dog in the head. I don’t know where they came from,” Jim stated. “I’m overwhelmed by it all. I couldn’t believe it happened like that.”

Ryans had no intention of letting the men get away with the heinous deed, and he chased them to a swampy area. Soon deputies from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrived to help. They were accompanied by K-9 officers who helped to apprehend the suspects, identified as Thomas Nolasco and Jonathan Lozada, who had been fleeing from authorities after stealing a truck.

AbcNews reports Lozada faces two counts of grand theft motor vehicle and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and one count of carjacking with a deadly weapon, robbery home invasion, discharged firearm from occupied vehicle, felon in possession of a firearm, carrying concealed weapon, aggravated assault with deadly weapon, and resisting officer without violence.

Nolasco is charged with grand theft of motor vehicle, resisting officer without violence and three counts of probation violation.

It has not been made clear if an animal cruelty will be added to the list of charges.

As of the last report, Roscoe had been bleeding through his nose. His condition remains critical. We can only wish and hope the dog survives. He is being treated and cared for at the Hillsborough  County Pet Resource Center.

(Photos of family dog shot in face via freeze shots AbcNews)

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12 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    PRAYERS-PRAYERS-PRAYERS for precious Roscoe!

    Nothing but contempt and revulsion for these two A-HOLES!


    It’s long past time to simply let animal abuse charge considerations “slide” as “lesser” offenses: IF THEY COMMITTED ALL THESE CHARGES, THEN MAKE ‘EM STICK – INCLUDING FELONY ANIMAL ABUSE – AND NO PLEA BARGAINS FOR THESE TWO BASTARDS!

    AND make them pay for all of Roscoe’s veterinary expenses… AND add punitive costs for both HIS pain and suffering, as well as that of his loving family, whom he was valiantly protecting!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I could not agree more! These two hunks of sewer sludge deserve the same mercy they gave Roscoe and if the authorities don’t file FELONY animal abuse charges on these maggots, then they are as guilty as these two punks.

  2. Adrienne says:

    These two scum should be shot in the head the same way they shot Roscoe. Whatever money they have should go towards the care of Roscoe. Put them away forever and let the inmates deal with them. Disgusting things, not even human.

  3. Rasheeta DeVann says:

    sorry sac of S-HIT, I hope and pray for this special little dog to a speedy recovery and get back safe with his family. My prayers are going up for you roscoe and I know blessing will be coming down in your favor. You are a special little man please be ok. And those sorry bastards NEED to PAY for what they did. You was protecting your family gods speed.


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