Deceased puppy, with broken neck, found discarded in bin

Dead puppy found in bin
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A grim discovery was made on Tuesday in Newcastle-under-Lyme. According to The Sentinel, the body of a bloodied puppy, whose neck was broken, was found discarded in a Tommee Tippee box which had been thrown into a bin on Wilton Street.

box which held dead puppy found in bin

The discovery has prompted an animal cruelty investigation by the RSPCA, who believes that the four-month-old pup, a Staffordshire terrier, may have been attacked by another dog before being thrown away. RSPCA inspector John Groarke explained the injuries which were found on the puppy, who had been wrapped up in a black and pink fabric:

“The dead pup had a broken neck and leg, and puncture wounds around his neck. The injuries point to the pup having a violent end to his life, possibly after being attacked by another dog.”

Tips in this apparent case of animal cruelty are wanted. The RSPCA stated:

“We are keen to find out what happened to this poor dog and we are urging anyone who has any information to contact us in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.”

(Images via RSPCA)

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  1. Sounds like the pup was used for bait. Disgusting! I don’t know why they don’t launch an all-out campaign against dog fighting. It’s the same way here in Chicago people are known gang members but yet they do not arrest them. RIP little pup. You are free now.

  2. RIP sweet pup, you’re safe now and free to run. Someone knew what happened to this pup. The authorities need to find the owner who failed to protect this young pup.


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