Victim of China’s dog meat trade shot twice by arrows rescued

The viral photo of a dog shot with two arrows and left covered in blood in Chengdu, China by dog thieves has sparked more outrage for China’s despicable dog meat trade. According to Guardians of Chinese Animal Protectondog lover, Qiao Wei, of Chendy’s Qimin Small Animal Protection, spotted the dog walking down a busy street and immediately brought it to a veterinary

Now being revered as a “hero” for rescuing the dog, the photo has garnered thousands of inquiries as to the dog’s health status, while angering millions of people around the world. Animal advocates have called the meat trade “socially destabilizing, reputation damaging and morally repulsive” to the Chinese people. The photo originally appeared on the Facebook page of Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection who posted the following statement:

“The suffering of the dog angered millions of animal lovers in China. In the last 12 hours, thousands of people asked about the dog. The dog was also in the prays of animal lovers around the world. Qimin Animal Protection Association is a shelter under the direction of Qiao Wei with over 1000 dogs and cats. Thanks go to Qimin and Mr Qiao. China has come to a stage to outlaw the dog meat trade, an industry that is socially destabilizing, reputation damaging, and morally repulsive. The dog meat trade is the source of suffering to millions of dogs and tens of millions of animal lovers in China. China can never be a world leader if this barbaric trade is not outlawed…”

The cruelty is a part of the dog meat trade who believe that the meat tastes better if the animal suffers as it dies, while adrenaline runs through its body. Fortunately this dog is one of the lucky ones – animal lovers have assured the dogs and their people, they will not give up until this egregious trade is finally

Elanor WidmerGreat news, Guardians!! It´s also good to know that more and more local people are concerned about the terrible situation of stolen dogs. Thank you to the Qimin Animal Protection staff, Mr Qiao and HSI staff. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!”

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(Photos of victim of dog meat trade via Facebook)