Firemen rescue two dogs from icy lake as they were about to drown

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In Egan, Minnesota, two dogs were rescued by quick thinking firemen after the pooches fell through the thin ice and nearly drowned. According to the City of Eagan, Minnesota – Government Facebook, the two dogs escaped from their owner on Thursday and ran into the barely frozen East Thomas Lake when they fell through into the icy water.minnesota-dogs-rescued-2

The dogs were in a dangerous situation as they struggled in the sub-zero water just to stay afloat. When firemen were called to help, they realized the two dogs weren’t going to be able to tread water much longer and immediately launched a nearby canoe as there wasn’t enough time to transfer a rescue boat to the scene.

“Eagan Firefighters rescued two dogs on East Thomas Lake this morning that went through the ice and were starting to go underwater. It’s a good reminder that the ice on our ponds and lakes are not safe to walk on yet. Both dogs are safe and back with their owners,” posted rescuers on the organization’s Facebook.

The dogs were successfully rescued – one paddling towards the canoe and the other pooch quickly catching up. Although they were exhausted and cold, both dogs are fine and have been returned to their owner.

Once again, our firemen are heroes. There were many congratulations on a job well-done.

(Photos of two dogs rescued courtesy of City of Eagan, Minnesota – Government)

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  1. Brian R. Galbraith says:

    Hat’s off to the quick thinking Fireman for this resque, job well done!! Glad to see the two dogs are both home & doing well!!


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