Starved dog Chi Chi ate her own puppies to survive

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In Brooksville, Florida, a starved dog named Chi Chi, left heavily chained up in the backyard of her home with no food or water, ate her own puppies to survive. Hernando County Sheriff’s Office made the grizzly and heartbreaking discovery after authorities were called by a neighbor, to a home on Leonard Street, who claimed he had been bitten by one of the dogs. deandre-goodson-2

According to BayNews9, animal control officers arrested Deandre Goodson, 21 for one count of animal cruelty. Three dogs were found tied up without water, but Chi Chi had been suffering the worst. Her ears were mutilated, and she had multiple bites over her entire emaciated body. When discovered, the dog was too weak to walk. In a statement released on Tuesday, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office stated:

“Authorities were able to contact Goodson by phone who agreed to meet deputies at the Hernando County Animal Services offices in Brooksville. Goodson said a friend Breon Wyatt had given him the dog about a year ago. He indicated the dog got out of the yard a couple of months ago and he had only recently found Chi Chi and brought her back home. ..

“Goodson confirmed Chi Chi gave birth to two puppies about two weeks ago, but she had eaten them.”

Goodson told authorities he fed Chi Chi regularly, but had no idea why she seemed starved. He explained the dog’s injuries were a result of the other dogs attacking her, but had not taken her to the vet for treatment. The dog is currently receiving medical attention.

Goodson remains in jail in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

(Photos of starved dog Chi Chi Hernando County Sheriff’s Office)

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83 replies
  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il doit prendre la perpétuité, s’est un monstre et un danger pour la société. Pas de pitié pour cet assassin. J’espère que le petit loulou trouvera une bonne famille.

  2. Jennie Brennan says:

    What a POS, I don’t believe a word this guy said. Poor baby can’t imagine that you had to kill your own puppies to survive.

  3. Beth(SunWolf) C. says:

    LYING SACK OF SHIT !!! this will happen again with this punk ass in the future “UGH”
    glad which ever dog bit the neighbor, if not Chi Chi would be dead soon, actually surprised still alive….and I’m sure the neighbor (neighbors) have watched this go on for awhile, if he/she bit him and the are all chained well there ya go.

  4. SHANNON BROWN says:

    THAT MAN DESERVES TO ROT IN FRIGGING PRISON !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR WORSE!!!!!! HOW R THE INNOCENT , DOG’S, DOING???? I FEEL. SO VERY, VERY, SORRY FOR THEM. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Only ONE count of animal cruelty? There were three dogs left without food or water. This poor soul looks like she was used as a bait dog. That she had to eat her puppies (I highly suspect they died first – I’m making myself believe that) to survive is the worst cruelty. This monster should be banned from ever being within a mile of another animal for the rest of his life! I hope this sweet girl gets healthy and gets the perfect home, and that the monster who failed her is put in prison for a very long time.

    • ellen cottone says:

      i take comfort in that L.S.
      She has no milk and i do believe they did not live long . i do believe this sad little person could not eat her babies no matter how hungrey she was.Shes not a monster . More insult to injury.she will live and she will be a happy loving house puppy. she knows what it means to be

      • linda says:

        True there is no proof she ate her babies, but if she did…she did it because of the the conditions of her and her babies. Dogs and cats will if they sense a problem with their newborns if left to fend for themselves.

  6. Edward says:

    Weather black trash piece of s*** how dare you let her eat her puppies what’s up you out with this one let’s not feed the dog for about a month throw your f****** black ass and I got them pic with pitbulls and rip your f****** thing apart so you know what the f****** poor puppy had to go through a f****** piece of dirt bag piece of s*** rest in peace puppies I’m sorry you’re such a scumbag Not a Human Being karma’s a b**** and she’s looking for you

  7. susispot says:

    This buffoon thinks we are as stupid as he is. Watch you back, moron, karma is looking for you. Prayers for the sad mama dog.

  8. Sheri says:

    The stupid POS who is responsible for those dogs needs to be thrown in solitary confinement for a few days without food or water and see how he likes it. Maybe he’ll learn a lesson. Idiot!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    So we are supposed to believe this fabrication of Deandre Goodson? May he rot in jail for what he has allowed to happen to these dogs!

  10. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    OMFG! That a$$hole is LYING! He didn’t feed the dog and LET her eat her own pups! I’m sure it broke her HEART that she had to do that! I’m so RELIEVED that someone is taking care of her now. And if the other dogs attacked her, why didn’t he DO something about it??? And why didn’t he take her to a vet? I strongly suspect a dog fighting ring is involved here and I hope they send his sorry a$$ to JAIL for a LONG TIME! ????

  11. ellen cottone says:

    clearly a bait dog.just think with a little more good old fahion police work maybe you can bust the local dog fighting ring.
    and stop the real reason for this gross and unreported horror

  12. Brenda Minarik says:

    We need an accurate detailed account to enter into a main data base this would give authorities and Shelters a better overview of these abusers more needs to be done to protect them we also need follow up so that we can reach the proper agencies in order to find solutions to the problems we need a hot line for animal abuse so that the Rescue groups can be made aware of the problems we can make a difference we can create a network of humanitarians helping to keep our animals and to help find the animals that need our help

    • Carolyn Moon says:

      Sofers, you rock! Please go get her and love her to death.
      Does anyone know where Chi Chi is at? I would like to donate money for her care. Please keep us updated. I will be crushed if some org put her down.

  13. lilsdad73 says:

    Oh my God, Chi Chi you poor sweet, precious one, to have been so desperate to have resorted to this – at a time when you’d be normally bonding with your young ones. This trauma needn’t have been inflicted upon you, it’s worse than horrific. It makes you wonder if any animal could truly recover, mentally and emotionally from this experience. Get well soon, and I wish you a long and happ(ier) life. ❤️

  14. ellen cottone says:

    ok ,
    so now that we all got it out of our system what we would like to do to the dogs owner.
    which is really not helpful in anyway. how is the dog and how can we come together and get her into a loving home?
    She has been rescued from about as bad as it can be.The pic where she greets her rescue , trying to stand with her battered hip lifting her chin wih hope and relief thru tears looking out of her one good eye hoping against hope not to be
    overpowered , restrainted and torn to peices again.
    This is a better use of our power to help.
    I just think its a set back . Posting crazy about what needs to happen to the former owner serves no real solution and seems to only strenthen the cycle of violance. shouldnt we be saving animals?How can people curse and talk violance
    and show pity for a vicim of violance and neglect?

    • linda says:

      We are angry!!!Our comments are a way to vent to those ugly people who abuse animals. This is what we need to do. Show our anger towards those sick people. Not all of us can save them through donations. How can we not show anger. This kind of post shows awareness and they expect animal lovers to comment.

      • ellen cottone says:

        nothing is ever accomplished with anger.
        you cant be pro active and angrey at the same time. when you anger ,
        you squander your magic powers to help. or inspire help, wich could key in help and rescue.

        we can change the wordl for animals left in terriable perdiciments.
        will you help me. friend…

      • linda says:

        I can’t help but get angry at people who abuse animals. It doesn’t get any where, but, it’s my way of venting. Hate feeling helpless.

      • Donna says:

        It is through the anger that some of us get motivated to take action to make changes or get justice! Anger is not a precursor to destructive behavior. If processed correctly, anger is useful in so many positive ways!

      • linda says:

        Donna, I agree. There is a major difference from expressing anger and showing anger (hitting something to relieve tension). Major difference. In writing how angry you are is not a bad shows your strong emotions towards something that was done wrong.

  15. Fay Bowermaster says:

    Couldn’t feed that darling dog but you could afford fucking braids in your hair, you sicken me you depraved piece of garbage. I wish only the very best going forward for Chi-Chi and for the piece of “garbage” bad Karma this way cometh!

  16. Kelli Tully says:

    I just came across this post after reading another on an abused dog. I am the director of Pure Hearts Rescue and we now have Chichi. She is doing great and is one of the sweetest dogs we have met. She is now at a healthy weight of 44 pounds, I believe she was under 18 when they found her. She does have neurological injuries that have caused a permanent head tilt and loss of vision in one eye. Follow us on Facebook, Pure Hearts Rescue for current pictures.

  17. ellen cottone says:

    She survived it all.
    She’s worth it.
    She never imagined,
    that one day,
    she,, would not be hungry and alone.
    Hurt and neglected. Exposed to the elements.
    And creachers in the night.
    And one day it changed.

    Some body saw,
    Somebody said something,
    Somebody did something.
    And chi chi did the rest.

    She lived. Long enough to be saved

  18. Donna Cox says:

    First off ,that is NOT a man , he is a good for nothing lying monster . That mother did not eat her puppies , he probably sold them to a dog fighting ring and the mother was probably a bait dog , If he fed them regularly they would not be emancipated and the mother would have no reason to supposedly eat her babies

  19. N says:

    Who ever are crul too Anumals will get the death Penthy from God only Him will cut those who bad things. Will be no more . The former things has pass away God will make al, things new. Any way love you Animals Pets as one.

  20. Debbie says:

    Well it is obvious he is into dog fighting. Wouldn’t take much to bust the entire lot of them!!! It’s time these coward men who feel macho through innocent animals paid the proper price for justice. They should have mandatory prison time! Second offense should be doubled time! THAT is what will put an end to this madness. So what about it prosecutors and judges?!!! All of these lazy macho wanna be thugs getting dogs to fight wouldn’t be so eager if they had a price to pay. The big time guys are still going to keep on doing what they do anyway. But it would shutdown so much activity from every tom dick and harry getting a dog to fight. They need to find a fricking job!!!

  21. ellen Cottone says:

    No it’s not Donna, anger is a loss of controll, nothing positive comes from anger. Nothing in the history of man kind. Your confused. Your angry all anger is a trap to proliferate more anger and moving away from the task at hand. Please stop making excuses for anger. Stop trying to justified anger

    • Anna says:

      Feeling anger is healthy. Perhaps you ought to speak with mother’s of drunk drivers. Madd became an organization because mom’s were angry of drunk drivers killing their children. Think about it many organizations were founded because of anger…perhaps you’re confusing the issue with hatred. Ask any “shrink” and they’ll admit anger is a healthy emotion. My own son was killed by a drunk driver…thank you mom’s who founded MADD. And ty for those that are angry with animal abuse that formed a petitions!

      • ellen cottone says:

        I think the amount of anger you feel is no longer healthy ir productivel
        sick of repeating myself but you
        reached out and are living walking agony.
        I am no way responsible for your sons untimely death. you need help in adjusting to the reality and your not.
        the founders of madd unlike you have let go of anger and have focused their anxt to a powerful positive out come, this is how they dealt with there anger and freed them self to better the world. but what they did not use to make change was, anger, fustration and self pitty, these things hold you back and just cripple you. Ann a anger is normal. looming for a fight over your loss is non productive and it had crippled you. your only cure. fight your own anger and get the help you need in coming to turns with your loss.
        And stop trying to convince the world your anger is justified when you know you need to walk out that door and put the anger aside and make change in the name of your son. this is where you will find peace and make your son proud.
        And you can’t do any of it with an angry heart

      • Anne says:

        ellen, you don’t know how much anger I felt. MADD was organized by mom’s who were angry. Have you lost a child because of a drunk driver? Before you judge ask any parent who lost a child because of it and don’t assume you know better because you obviously don’t. There are degrees of anger. I’m sure you dealt with anger it’s a a natural human emotion. Nothing to be ashamed of. Look at the high school students in Florida. You don’t think they’re angry? Guess what they’re trying to make changes. DUH!!!!

      • Anne says:

        ellen did I say you were responsible for my son’s death? And to tell me to adjust to reality tells me you don’t no have children and a very insensitive person when a parent outlives their child. How heartless…most people would have given me their condolences. You need to stop preaching if you have not experienced what I had to go through.

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      OMG “Well this Old Bag has a Birthday ” and who to I see Expounding on her hyper intelligence as to what the hell is wrong with the rescues, rescuers, posters, and the Old Bag’s of the World… Woopie !!! Ellen Cottone… I see you have your PHD in B. S. and failed at congruence with anyone’s humble opinion !!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!

      • ellen Cottone says:

        I am sick to my stomach at the fate of tiny tim. I am sick to my stomach that nobody was able to save tiny from that monster. What can we do to help get his other animals away from him pennysdauchounds? Does the judge know what he did? Im sure he threatened you and your husband with the law and by polishing his gun on his porch. I dont want this guy to be lording over any helpless creatures. Hes just a serial animal and human abuser and killer. It makes me so just sick to my stomach over this. Can you give Molly a message for me penny? Tell her I’m sorry for her friend tiny and all the years you and tiny suffered, I’m sorry for all the quite sadness. now your safe with penny and her dachshunds she made sure of it.
        penny could you go and give molly a kiss on the cheek for me. Tell her im thinking good thoughts for her and her lost friend tiny.

      • ellen Cottone says:

        Penny, you should be writing for hallmark greeting cards, I just got this and it was so funny I fainted, now I’m brushing off my pants and whiping away the soo.. funny tears.
        You, “aw.. snap-ed” me

  22. ellen Cottone says:

    Righteous indignation is what makes people make change. Its more quiet, controlled and diligant. It has always been the true path for change. Dont underestimate its power. You havent really noticed it or saw its work untill now.
    Because you’ve been to busy standing behind your anger. Accomplishing nothing , but making enemies.and wasting time

      • ellen cottone says:

        its my old friend mark!!.
        Mark I like to think anger is to walking in to a police station with your anger and waving a gun to demand change.
        righious indignation would be walking in a police station with a pen to log and note your grievances, anger is a powerful game changer but indignation is the work horse, anger is indignation in its later stages, ready to focus on collecting alies and support . you cant make change unless you calm down and focus. I believe in the power of your anger and ritchious indignation. they are powerful. they are the complaint, of injustice. all of us here are truly familiar with this, we are Americans, our country was founded on this,
        anger, the complaint, our collected moral out rage. but at one moment the anger had to be put on a back burner, the first goid angry Americans had to calm down and put in on paper. the declaration, a note to a king, about how pissed off we were about it . we are angry and were are not gong to stand for it , 1 more min.

  23. ellen cottone says:

    hey linda!! here we are again. 2 of the great profits of early pet rescue report scripture .now how did we get so worldly!?

    • linda says:

      ellen, at the risk of you getting upset with me I understand where you’re coming from with the “anger” issue. I hope you realize that anger does come out of and cause fear, feeling threatening and indignation towards something that one finds morally and ethically wrong. It does occur in all of us. I have had my own personal experiences of being very angry..lashed out verbally and omg here in Pet Rescue Report. We will never know if everyone here in Pet Rescue Report take their anger and use it for good use. On a lighter note:thought you left the US again to help animals elsewhere.

      • ellen cottone says:

        ha!!Linda, looks like our collective anger has brought us all together. anger does have a productive side to it. its the bottom line emotion.
        there is no lie to true anger, it can t be faked, it has moved mountains it is the birth place of all positive change.
        what a wonderful thought that I am off helping animals in far off places. I wish I can make change.maybe today, friend.

  24. ellen Cottone says:

    Happy birthday!! Pannysdachshund!!
    You are one of my hero’s in this world
    and we are both going to live a long time.
    Dont be such a stranger.
    Looking forward, as usual to your introspection of the world around us,
    in the name of pet rescue report…
    where the hell have you been? I forgot how it felt to be reminded what a Jack ass I am.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Where have YOU been ellen Cottone? Don’t see you on any of the new postings just on something over a year old. Been hiding out? Oh right, saving the world by telling the rest of us about “anger”. Well the other “old bag” is here now so let’s party!

      • Pennysdachshunds says:

        Me Too Linda!!! This year had a Happy Ending for us though … We got full ownership of “MOLLY the MULE ” from OUR STATE LIVESTOCK board after Court and numerous letters of support from the neighbors in our area… No more starvation and beatings for her!! Barkley’s Mom… too… We are all angry at times and totally frustrated over the total lack of accountability of many of OUR STATES in for NOT BEING PROACTIVE in putting a STOP to the Criminals, Abusers, Killing of our Pets in Such Horrific Fashion… It is Not going to stop Until the ” Professional Politicians ” get their heads out of the OZONE!! Promote the passing of stronger/ stringent laws for such Acts!!!

      • linda says:

        Pennysdachshunds, So happy about Molly. You fought a good fight and won. WTG! Again I am so happy Molly is living with loving parents.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Pennysdachshunds, was so glad to see you got custody of Molly the Mule, I have thought about that often wondering how you made out.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Our only regret was We did not trespass and take “Tiny” his little miniature horse that was always with Molly… two days after the Court hearing .. the Bastard went out and shot Tiny in the head!!! he is one of those abusers that really needs to be Extinguished!!!

      • ellen cottone says:

        well as i live and breath!!
        its my old , new friend Barkleys mom!! I am so truly touched by your kind words, kind of kind.!? pet report started putting too many unhappiness stories. I felt useless and often angrey and horrified , nothing seems to change and found my self arguing with people who although different are very much the same as me. I got out. but like the mob, every time I try to leave they suck me rite back in. now I am called back every time someone posts a comment on some of the old classic, pet report rumbles.
        these stories and reactions make me cry , laugh, think, change, but most of all feel helpless as these poor animals are just looking to live and how heartless bad humans can be and appear to go unpunished . i miss you too, i honestly dont know why you guys dont friend me, i am the only el cottone in sufolk county, we can have tea, share recipies and you can all help me wade thru the swamps and lakes of l9ng island to oil goose eggs, the birth control for big ducks so Suffolk county dosnt go thru with rounding up geese breaking there necks and incinerating 2000 of them. but that’s work and its cold.
        I will keep in touch.
        barkleys mom

      • Cheryl Hanna says:

        In response to your comment Ellen about all the horrible stories, it’s not like we make them up. It’s what is really happening out here, and if we aren’t the voices for these neglected, abused or pets who will be? We do look for some happy stories and will continue the updates – both happy, bittersweet and sometimes heartbreaking. In the perfect world, all we can hope to find will be stories of hope and happiness. Glad to see you back.

  25. ellen cottone says:

    now you see, I did know that pennysdauchound was successful in freeing Molly mule from the grips of a terrible abusive , neglectful and filthy squalor in the hands of a local monster. I knew the day you were going in to battle the courts, and I knew, just knew the out come that day. because your awesome penny. you do fight the fight and you fight it relentlessly. your just a dam good person. don’t think that was ever lost on me penny you have opened my eyes more then once. I can see and hear your big heart and its 2 times the size of a regular heart, what next!?

    • pennysdachshund says:

      trying to do The Right thing “all the time” is very difficult in reality Ellen. I do my best by the animals we Do have as We are the only one’s they have to depend upon… and Yes seeing the horrific stories and the endless torture at times really discourages me in What our Own Country has come to … especially in certain states ” namely Texas! People in our country Really Need to know though and be aware of the ” Puppy Mills” some common of some of the Religious Sects, because one Hell of a lot of our country is totally unaware of the way some of those horses that pull around the little carriages , in few of the fact the sect refuses to modernize , are mistreated for example…. We all have our own Cross to Bare as they say… Yes I would have fought to the very end of time to keep Molly from meeting the fate of her little friend Tiny a bullet to the head… There are those that do not deserve to be on the Earth…

  26. ellen Cottone says:

    Dear Cheryl Hanna,
    I am so grateful to you and penny elms and all the good work you do. I ment I was being a coward and left because it was too much to bare. And for that I am ashamed, you work tirelessly to bare witness and show the world the good the bad and the horrendous.
    You allowed me to voice my thoughts no matter how unpopular. And you and penny elms always knew when it was time to to pull the plug on my berserk anger /righteous indignation and your editing of my crazy. I’m sure at one time I was a handful and you did it magically and quietly with out punishing me or banishing me . Thank you for letting me work it all out.
    You have showed me regular people can make change even sitting at the kitchen table and putting our feelings in print and sending. My faith is renewed, together, all together we will make change and deliver our animal friends from evil. This is the century that animals will speak to us, this is the century that we will fight for the rights for all living creatures, in this century we will look back on the last and wonder how it could have possibly went on for so long.
    The justice it turns out is by keeping these pet rescue report conversations alive.
    It’s good to be back among the living,doing, kind hearted friends i have met and who have changed my life here at pet rescue report.
    Its good to be back.


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