Son of retired police captain pleads guilty to 21 felony cat killings

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In a despicable chain of heartless animal cruelty, a California man pleaded guilty to torturing and killing at least 16 cats in a San Jose neighborhood, reports NbcBayAreaNews.

Robert R. Farmer,25, the son of a retired San Jose police captain, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to 21 felony counts of animal cruelty and could face more than 16 years in prison. According to prosecutors, Farmer lured the cats to him from a quiet residential neighborhood. Investigators said Farmer stole the cats from Cambrian Park over a two month period last fall. Surveillance video captured Farmer in one act as he chased and picked up Go-Go, a 17-year-old cat, he stole from his owner’s front yard. The video lead police to him. He was finally arrested after police found him asleep in a car where the lifeless body of an orange tabby cat was found. Police also found several cat collars in Farmer’s possession.

Only four of the missing cats’ bodies have been recovered. The owners of some of the cats Farmer killed described the “horrible inhumane things” he did to their beloved pets. Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis released a statement with her condolences to the families.

“As this sad case comes to a close, our thoughts are with the families who lost their beloved pets,” Ellis said in a statement. “We intend to hold Mr. Farmer accountable for his perverse and violent acts.”

Farmer is expected back in court on December 8. Meanwhile a Facebook page titled “Justice for our CATZ” is asking for everyone’s help to make sure the judge hears the message of the public:

“The DA explained that this was the same effect as if he had been on trial and found guilty on all crimes. After trial it would have been up to the judge and NOW it is STILL up to the judge. The Judge has the option of sentencing him for up to 16 years 4 mos (maximum allowable).

SO with this said… this is not over my friends…. Now more than ever we need to support the DA. The DA has asked that we send letters to the judge. (I will be posting about this as soon as I receive information) in the DA words “we need to let the judge know how this has affected you” so my friends we need to keep the good fight going. Please stay tuned for updates and ways in which you can help.”

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  1. I REALLY hope THERE IS a follow up with Judges name and address so the readers and other vested people in seeing justice DONE can follow up and write a letter… I know I sure will!!!

  2. Sorry excuse for a human, much less the son of a cop. May he get at least 1year for each life he took and 5 for good measures. Maybe in prison they will teach him a good lesson. We can only pray….

  3. I don’t fb, but I just saw the page dedicated 2 ths pos…I just tweeted about it! PLEASE keep up pressure on this UGLY lil’ PRRRICK, I’d b sick 2 see him WALK ESP bc of his daddy’s position! KARMA 4 ths asshole is being a lil’ prison bitch


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