puppy found with broken ribs

Man arrested after puppy found with broken ribs

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A man in Clawson, Michigan, was arrested after his puppy was discovered to be suffering with two broken ribs. According to Tuesday’s Click on Detroit News, the heartbreaking situation was discovered thanks to concerned neighbors who heard a puppy crying inside of an apartment near 14 Mile Road and Main Street.

Officers arrived to the apartment on September 26 and they found a 13-week-old St. Bernard puppy inside of 26-year-old Rishi Kunal Joshi’s residence. Joshi, who was intoxicated at the time, was questioned and admitted that he may have stepped on the puppy when he was drunk. An officer attempted to pick up the puppy, but the pup was in so much pain that he howled in agony.

Joshi was taken to jail on animal cruelty charges – the injured pup will not be returned to his custody unless he is cleared of the animal cruelty charges.

man charged with animal cruelty

The puppy was taken to the Oakland County Animal Control and is expected to make a full recovery from his broken ribs.

(Photos/screenshots via Click on Detroit)

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