Animal cruelty ‘monster’ who tortured pets sentenced to 16 years in jail

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In a despicable chain of heartless animal cruelty acts, a San Jose, California man who pleaded guilty to torturing and killing 18 cats, was sentenced on Friday to 16 years in the county jail.  Robert R. Farmer, 25, the son of a retired San Jose police captain, lured the cats to him from a quiet residential neighborhood. Investigators said Farmer stole the cats from Cambrian Park over a two month period in the fall of 2015. Surveillance video captured Farmer in one act as he chased and picked up Go-Go, a 17-year-old cat, he stole from his owner’s front yard. The video lead police to him. He was finally arrested after police found him asleep in a car where the lifeless body of an orange tabby cat was found. Police also found several cat collars in Farmer’s possession.

According to the Mercury News, the name of every cat killed by Farmer was read aloud by the judge, to remind Farmer of the terrible crimes he committed against innocent animals and pets that had been loved by their families.

“Robert Farmer is a monster who has no mercy and who victimized the most innocent member of our family,” stated Miriam Petrova in court on Friday. “Please send a strong and clear message that this community will not tolerate any animal abuse.”

It was Miriam’s cat “Gogo” who had been one of Farmer’s victims. A necropsy of the cats determined many had died as a result of blunt force trauma while many of the cats had been sexually abused, however there was insufficient evidence that Farmer had sexually abused the animal. He will not have to register as a sex offender.

Farmer’s defense attorney told the court his client had been on a methamphetamine “frenzy” as well as having written a letter stating he would never do anything as heinous as these crimes again. The judge rejected the claims and sentenced Farmer to the maximum punishment. Farmer will not be allowed within 100 yards of the Cambrian Park neighborhood where he stole and killed the pets when released from jail, will not be permitted to own or care for any pets for ten years and must undergo psychiatric treatment.

Rest in peace all of the pets brutally murdered.

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(Photo of Farmer sentenced to 16 years in jail via NBC Bay News)

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26 replies
    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      Even though he only got less than a year for each death. The law needs changing, and be made much more punitive.

  1. Linda Novak says:

    Thank goodness justice was served!
    And, daddy couldn’t get him off from paying for his crimes. So many who have relatives who are enforcement commit so many crimes because their family pulls strings & they walk free to commit more crimes. I don’t care if he was on something, there’s no excuse for what he’s done!
    Serial killers always start with animals. Then they graduate to children, then women and men.
    I hope he gets a taste of what he did to the cats in prison!
    Karma’s​ always dishes out what what you put out in life.

  2. Adrienne says:

    If the prison sentence of 16 years is correct, finally justice will be done for this poor cat and others he tortured and killed. The son of a retired police captain of all people. Criminals are from all types of families. RIP cats.

    • Roselyne CORNETTE says:

      De la prison, c’est trop gentil. La peine de mort serait plus juste. Pas de pitié pour les barbares, pour les assassins d’animaux.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    How can he spend 16 years in a county jail??? He should be sitting in San Quentin where his useless butt would be victimized daily – because his father is a cop he is getting preferential treatment to ensure he is safe – sounds pretty suspicious. This punk needs to feel the terror, pain and suffering he put those poor cats through and I hope the citizens of San Jose protest until he is incarcerated in a REAL prison which is exactly where he belongs.

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    I live in this area and people were terrified for their pets’ safety……. (My cats are indoor kitties, so I knew they were safe from this monster…..) but many of my neighbors let their cats roam & they lived in fear the entire time this POS was stealing and murdering cats……. It was tragic to see all the missing cats notices…….

    Glad this disgusting POS got a long sentence (& I hope he is locked up with cat lovers who can punish him in ways the “system” can’t)

    Of course he will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty (& I hope he gets there sooner & dies a painful, scary death)……

    RIP precious kitties, you are all loved and missed…….

    • Roselyne CORNETTE says:

      Je suis d’accord avec vous, la peine de mort serait plus juste. Il les a volé, torturés, abusé sexuelement. Pour moi, pas d’excuses, pas de pitié. Il est irrécupérable, c’est la peine de mor.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    Being a druggie does not mitigate what he did nor is it an excuse! He would of eventually moved on to human targets! I hope and pray he has to spend every SECOND of that 16 years behind bars…..NO EARLY RELEASE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR!!! How I wish every judge in the nation would follow this judges lead,it’s the ONLY way in which to curb the horrific,brutal crime of animal cruelty!!!!

  6. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Pool Poor Little Cats ???????????????????? who can anyone hurts a little Cat !!! Its so discuting !!! God he is in jail for a Long time !!!!

  7. J. Martin says:

    While this bastard is in prison .. I hope the other inmates beat the shit out of him every day … and if they do worse things to him. G O O D!!!!!

  8. Marsha Squibb says:

    He won’t be able to sit down after Bubba has his way with him!!!!Get used to it asshole, you’ll be everyone’s bitch!!Ha ha ha ha!!!


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