Neglected puppy’s ear fell off after she was attacked by dogs

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A neglected puppy with painfully infected open bite wounds has been making a slow recovery, yet she never stops wagging her tail nor looking for hugs and kisses. And such is the story of Little Bear, who was surrendered to the Flint, Michigan’s Gennessee County Animal Control in such serious condition, the shelter director ordered the staff to rush the puppy to their veterinarian for emergency life saving treatment. As the wound was lanced to drain the infection, most of the puppy’s ear fell off; the tissue had become necrotic.little-bear-puppy-2little-bear-puppy-4

Little Bear’s life has had a very rough beginning. According to the rescue, Happy Days Dog & Cat Rescue,  who has stepped forward to help, a woman surrendered the seriously injured puppy on October 29, telling the shelter staff Little Bear had been viciously attacked by other family dogs. The pup’s throat and ear had been torn open. In addition, the neglected puppy suffered multiple bite wounds all over her body; and for days the wounds had been left untreated.

Earlier this week, Little Bear underwent her first surgery. The happy news was posted on the organization’s Facebook page to update supporters:

“She came through this first procedure with flying colors! She had a lateral ear resection, also called a ZEPP procedure. The ear flap was also removed along with all the surrounding dead tissue. We are hoping that through this procedure her hearing in that ear will be preserved, although there is a great deal of swelling at this point so it is too early to tell.”little-bear-puppy-3

It is expected the puppy will need additional surgery and skin grafts, but everyone is amazed how far Little Bear has progressed. When first brought into the vet, it was suggested the puppy be humanely euthanized due to the extent of her injuries. Animal advocates said no – they wanted to give her a chance, and what a survivor she has turned out to be. Although she still has a long road to recovery, her prognosis looks better every day.

It is not known if the previous owner will be facing animal cruelty and neglect charges. For now, volunteers and advocates are concentrating on Little Bear.

To help with the puppy’s care, click here for the GoFundMe link.

(Photos of neglected puppy via Happy Days Dog & Cat Rescue)

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4 replies
  1. edward says:

    Please tell me that you put that a****** in prison how could anybody let that animals suffer with those kind of Orange please people do your f****** job she is there’s a bullet through the f****** head a slow agonizing death I’ve never seen that horrific in my life my friend, around the corner and she’s a b**** her name is karma

  2. Sharon E Rouse says:

    God bless all your efforts and your love of animals. You deserve a big reward for taking these broken animals into the best of care and finding loving homes for them.

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    Well the person WHO ( SAY WHAT) YES ! Neglected and therefore abused this little lady NEEDS to be held accountable !!!! Good God what type of animals does she have FIRST of all that would brutally attack with INTENT TO KILL and MAIME … Are they being trained for ILLEGAL dog fight rings in which that Brutal STATE to Animals is FAMOUS FOR ???? This story needs to be followed up on by the SO_CALLED DCI & Law Enforcement Agencies!!!!

  4. Angela Corso says:

    The other dogs are still in her care? Wow! I hope this poor baby gets all the help she needs. God Bless the care takers that didn’t give up on her. But now it’s time to prosecute!!!


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