Matted dog so tangled he barely opened his mouth nor could he walk

When teachers at a Detroit, Michigan school called Detroit Dog Rescue on Wednesday to help with a small matted dog so tangled he barely opened his mouth nor could he walk, volunteers rushed out to help. What they found, was one of the worst cases of neglect, even seasoned rescue workers had ever seen.professor

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the dog dubbed Professor, was rushed to the Greenfield Animal Hospital, but his condition was originally touch and go. Encrusted with fecal matter, technicians and veterinarians had a race against the clock just cleaning Professor up enough to shave off the mats. Under general anesthesia, the matted dog had been breathing heavily – indicating a severe case of pneumonia. professor-2b

Had Professor not been rescued, he likely would have died. Weighing only ten pounds with a pound-and-a-half of matted fur removed, the little dog still has a long way to go. Kristina Rinaldi, the executive director of the rescue, was relieved once Professor’s initial grooming was over, and the frightened puppy wasted no time cuddling up to one of his rescuers.professor-3

Once fully recovered, Professor will be eligible for adoption. To help with his expenses, donations can be made here.

(Photos of matted dog via Detroit Dog Rescue)

  1. pennysdachshund
    pennysdachshund says:

    I don’t THINK the VERMIN that allowed this to happen can Qualify as being HUMAN… Extermination with a very large can of RAID would be appropriate for them!!!! I am so glad this little one made it out of his massive hair ball alive!!! I hope there weren’t any other victims where he came from!!!


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