Nine puppies abandoned in cooler and left on side of road

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Nine puppies abandoned in a cooler and left on the side of the road in Texas were discovered  by a woman who spotted the cooler and had thoughts of taking it home to re -purpose. Boy! Was she surprised when she opened up the lid!9-puppies-found-inside-of-cooler-2

Crammed inside were nine puppies abandoned; all covered in their own urine and feces. Stunned by her discovery, the woman immediately called for help. And according to Inside Edition,  Karri McCreary, a Vet Ranch veterinarian, who was there to help, the puppies were all panting heavily because of the heat of the Texas sun. She called Hunts County Pets Alive who came to the rescue of the five boys and four girls. 9-puppies-found-inside-of-cooler-3

Fortunately the four-week-old puppies turned out to be very healthy, and they had not been in the cooler for more than a few hours. Now the chubby little ones will soon be available for adoption. Interested in giving an adorable little one a life of love and adventure? Contact the Hunts County Pets Alive here.

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(Photos of the nine puppies abandoned in cooler courtesy of  Hunt County Pets Alive)

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  1. maxiemom says:

    Damn whoever did this. Damn them straight to Hell! They wanted to murder those nine innocent little lives by cooking them to death in a cooler: how sick is that? The monster who did this needs to leave this planet ASAP.

    • Darla says:

      Oh, yeah….they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. They just didn’t plan on a Good Sam coming to the puppies’ rescue. Thank God they were found; they would have suffered horribly before perishing.


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