Detroit cop shot family dog in front of 9-year-old child

A 9-year-old child has been traumatized after a Detroit Police officer shot the little boy’s dog in front of him.

“I said it was my dog. I said can you help me find my dog?,”

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Detroit Dog Rescue goes above and beyond and rescues friendly pig

The Detroit Dog Rescue, along with the help of Detroit Animal Care and Control, went above and beyond dog rescue on Thursday, and saved a razorback pig that had been abandoned in the city.

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Emaciated St. Bernard found locked in basement of abandoned house

On Friday, the Detroit Dog Rescue found a St. Bernard locked in the basement of an abandoned house. According to the organization’s post on Facebook, the dog had been intentionally trapped with no stairs … Read More

Puppy stuffed in duffel bag with her insides hanging out

An adorable little puppy is recovering from surgery after she was found on Sunday, along with two other puppies, stuffed into a duffel bag and left alone at the intersection of Seven Mile and Schoenherr.… Read More

Dog patiently waited on discarded couch for his family

When the old proverb once stated, ” A picture is worth a thousand words,” could the image of a dog waiting patiently on a discarded couch just convince anyone the pooch is waiting for his … Read More

Surrendered after his owner died, heartbroken Rio mourned in the corner

Ten-year-old Rio had been surrendered to the Detroit Animal Care and Control after his owner died. How could someone explain to the golden retriever that his loyalty no longer counted; his owner had died and … Read More

Dog found with carabiner hook and chain

On Monday afternoon, Detroit Animal Care and Control reached out to the rescuers at Detroit Dog Rescue asking for emergency assistance. And although a carabiner hook and chain had literally grown into the friendly dog’s … Read More

Pomeranian freezes to death after left in crate outside dog rescue

A heartbreaking post on the Detroit Dog Rescue Facebook on Tuesday described a small, defenseless Pomeranian left out in the subfreezing weather outside of the rescue organization where it froze to death.

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Puppy tossed out of car in front of Detroit Dog Rescue

Authorities and rescuers in Detroit, Michigan, are asking for the public’s help identifying the men seen on surveillance video pulling up in a SUV and within moments pushing a defenseless puppy out of their vehicle … Read More

Men on bikes forced dog to run until she collapsed and then beat her

A tragic experience for a dog forced to run behind two men on bikes almost ended in her death had it not have been for the kind efforts of two Good Samaritans who rescued the … Read More