Injured dog unable to stand rescued from abandoned, filthy storeroom

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When the dedicated organization of  Animal Aid Unlimited in  Udaipur, Rajasthan, India were called to help a seriously injured dog found curled up in the corner of an abandoned, filthy storeroom, rescuers rushed to try and save a life of the very frightened dog who had been lying in one spot for days.alby-2

According to the rescuers, Alby had most likely been hit by a car or suffered a traumatic injury to his back, and had no use of his back legs nor was he able to even stand. Nevertheless, the dog had somehow dragged himself into the temporary protection of the dark room – perhaps to wait to be helped or just to suffer and die alone.

Luckily, neighbors called Animal Aid Unlimited to help when they saw Albie was not able to get up to help himself. Everyone wondered how a dog with such an egregious injury to his spinal cord ever found his way to the storeroom; so many dogs hit by cars suffer permanent paralysis and die without anyone ever finding them, but Alby got lucky. alby-3After having been carried out and brought back to the rescue for treatment, he was treated with anti-inflammatory medication, rest, nutritious food and as important – lots of love and affection.

Check out Alby’s amazing story. To help make a difference  in the lives of so many animals, donations can  be made by clicking here. (Photos via Facebook from Animal Aid Unlimited)

Beautiful recovery of dog unable to walk from spinal injury

When we found Alby laying unable to stand in the filth and decay of an abandoned store room, his forlorn look of confusion and extreme sadness told us he had probably been lying there for several days. Though his spine was injured and his hind legs were unable to bear weight, this boy must have dragged himself into the darkness to hide. Alby is a street dog who looked like he had probably been hit by a car or suffered a blow to his back. Neighbors called us to the rescue when they saw that he couldn't get out of the store room where he had crawled to in fear. How in the world did he make it all that way after such a harrowing blow? Even adrenaline isn't enough to propel an animal or a person who has had spinal cord damage. Many dogs who are hit by cars suffer permanent hind leg paralysis if their spinal cord is damaged. But Alby is extremely lucky. We limited his activity, gave him daily anti-inflammatories, plenty of rest, nutritious food and –never to be forgotten–affection and love. And just look at Alby after his month of intensive therapy! Please donate–so that they can be happy again :

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Sunday, September 11, 2016

8 replies
  1. Karen Friedman says:

    I’ve read other rescue stories that involved Animal Aid Unlimited and they do amazing rescue and animal recovering. A very caring organization.

    • Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

      Ur definitely giving to a good group…they actually put their money to the best use for ANIMALS! I say this because without mentioning names…NOT ALL R SO HONEST! And few things sicken me like a DISHONEST CHARITY!

      • JIM says:

        No truer words!
        Donate what you can…Every penny goes to the rescue of the unwanted and left to die in the streets fur babies.

  2. Sharon E Rouse says:

    od bless all of your rescue efforts and for all of your courageous good deeds. The world is a better place because of your organization.

  3. JIM says:

    I just love love love all of the people that work for animal aid…The stories break my heart then that heartbreak turns into wonderment of the healing powers of love and human touch…


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