Abandoned dog stayed in woods, on a shirt left by former owner

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Not long ago, a young dog was discarded in the woods by her former owner…the person that abandoned her walked away, leaving behind a crate and an old shirt. The abandoned dog, dubbed “Lily,” no longer had her person, but she did have that individual’s scent and in an effort to be close to that person, she laid down on the shirt and waited…hoping against hope, that her owner would come back.

On September 12, Animal Lighthouse Rescue, explained:

Lily was dumped by her previous owner in the woods. The owner left a crate, and a tee shirt next to the crate. Lily, being the good girl that she is, stayed where her owner left her, waiting for him to come back. Which he never did.

The rescue group added:

A woman found lily and had been leaving food for her. When we went to go rescue Lily, she was still laying on the shirt, where she had been for weeks.

Fortunately the two-year-old dog is no longer sitting in the woods alone – waiting for a person who is not returning. Today, she is with the rescue group who describes her as “amazingly sweet,” and a snuggler who is great with other dogs and adoring of people. Though Lily likes small children, they tend to frighten her. The rescue group is hopeful that Lily’s timid nature will fade as she learns to trust and feel safe.

For more information about this dog, fill out an application at the rescue’s website here, and email Julie@ALRcares.com

(According to the rescue group, Lily was found in Puerto Rico, but she has been flown to New York City to be adopted to a new owner)

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  1. maxiemom says:

    So the piece of filth left her in the woods to die, and Lily, great and devoted dog that she is, waited faithfully for that scum to come back and save her from the fate that he had abandoned her to. She had to have been frightened and hungry, and if it hadn’t been for a Good Samaritan, the vile excrement would have had his way and she would now be dead. There is a place in Hell for scum like that, just as there is a place in heaven for Lily. I hope the home she finds in this country is everything she failed to have in her last.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I constantly amazes me the heartlessness of people toward their dogs. How does someone leave their dog like this and live with themselves? I couldn’t do it, I would never be able to do it. Prayers that Lily finds a loving home, someone who will never treat her like this again.

    • jen says:

      sadly our society makes animals disposable, unimportant hopefully the pos that abandoned this sweet girl suffers horribly for the rest of his/her days

  3. penny's dachshund says:

    This little girl Loved the PUTRID WHALE TURD so much she would have laid there and died of starvation WAITING AND WAITING until she DIED of STARVATION>>> SHE deserves SO much better !!! The INDIVIDUAL deserves a 38 SLUG!!!! BULLS EYE!!!!

  4. Karen says:

    It pisses me off, that people treat their pets like this. Just last Sunday a kitten rescue group posted a photo of two young cats, brother and sister I think. They were adopted out by the rescue group. These two young adult cats were returned as for some reason they no longer wanted the cats. I guess the Inconvenience of pet ownership was too much for them. Thid is the sort of thing that convinces me there is no god, how can he sanction these acts?

  5. Cherryl Gallo (@CherylGallo5) says:

    I just read several seemingly sincere requests to adopt Lily…they were “too far away” according 2 caregiver at Lighthouse Rescue…”just in case it doesn’t work out, we want someone in driving distance to get her back, we love her!” & I respect the HELL outta that! ????

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