Heartbroken dog seems to know he is being surrendered

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Update 9/18/16: Toto has been adopted!

A heartbroken little dog named “Toto,” seemed to know what his fate was when he was walked into a busy California animal control agency on Friday. The three-year-old Chihuahua was taken to the Carson Animal Control, along with a bag of food, and handed over to staff who was on hand to take him away…

The moment that Toto was surrendered was captured on video and it is a heartbreaking scene to observe. Toto repeatedly jumps on his owner’s leg, seeming to implore the man to stop the madness. Toto appears to be well aware that all he knows is soon to be lost.

On Friday, the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page wrote:

It was very hard to watch TOTO being surrendered because it was like he knew exactly what was happening and after the camera was off he continued to try and climb up his old dad’s leg begging him not to do it.

Toto seems to be an expressive dog – in this video, he is using his body language to plead with his owner. The person who gave Toto up claims that the dog is “too vocal.” The post on Toto’s behalf reads, “He was left because they said he was too vocal, well now he isn’t saying anything. He needs help now, the Shelter is FULL! Please SHARE for his life, he is VERY special and a FOSTER or ADOPTER would save him.”

Please help save Toto’s life by taking a moment to share his adoption information. Owner surrenders are not held for any specific length of time and can be put down for any reason.

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33 replies
  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Watching the Short Video just broke my heart this morning!! It’s such a beautiful day in Wyoming … I also know a person that would love to have him here!!! Carson and California in General won’t deal at all with ANYONE outside of California so this lovely little Toto will most like be euthanized in mere days !!!

      • Penny's Dachshund says:

        They won’t adopt to out of state adopters: The crazy thing California would rather euthanize their poor unfortunate dogs in the shelters that didn’t ask to be there, than they would work with out of state rescues even… A German Shepard Rescue from Montana tried desperately to get a Shepard from there that was up for time… No way in hell would the shelter work with them…. You have to find a third party California to take the animal and then go thru them… This is plain and simple discrimination toward other rescues, people interested in the dogs there and MOST OF ALL to the dogs themselves to have to die when there is no need!!!

      • Penny's Dachshund says:

        Well : That sure is simple !!! How the hell am I supposed to do that when I don’t know a soul out in that forsaken state: Go on Craigs list and ask for help so I can get Scammed out of a few thousand dollars… Thanks

      • Antoinette says:

        Here is inform for CA GS Rescure to work with who you know that wants to adopt Ginger at the Antolope Animal Shelter. ???
        Please email me if you have questions so we can exchange phone / emails to get Ginger a forever home she should have. I’m in the Inland Empire So CA.???

    • Sheila creed says:

      Unforgivable poor soul i cant get my head around anyone leaving any dog at a shelter….taking one out yes..!…but leaving one there is just heartbreaking….how do you sleep at night ….

    • jen says:

      that pos should NEVER be allowed to be near an animal for the rest of his pathetic miserable life ! How can people do this? our pets depend on us forever They are NOT disposable i hope that man suffers for the pain he caused that dog

  2. vijaya shelar says:

    This is very heart breaking. Wish people understand that animals do have feelings and when abandoned go through a lot of stress like in the case of toto

  3. jas pria says:

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