More horrific animal cruelty in Mumbai: 10 puppies stoned to death

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More horrific animal cruelty emerged on Wednesday in Mumbai, India when a local animal advocate found the tortured bodies of ten young puppies in an Oshiwara slum. According to Mid-Day, the heinous and utterly heartless deed had been done by local drug addicts and alcoholics.

“It (Bhagat Singh Nagar) is a very big slum, and you will find many notorious people, who are usually drunk/and or under the influence of drugs in certain isolated parts, who might have killed the puppies,” stated Victor Moses, a teenager who had been caring for the puppies and their mom.

Moses, just 14-years-old with a love for dogs, had regularly checked on the litter on his way to school every morning. The teen was devastated when he came upon the disturbing scene where the dead puppies had been tortured and died terribly painful deaths. One puppy was still alive through the egregious ordeal, however rescuers although quick to the heartbreaking scene, stated the puppy died just a few minutes later.

Victor and his friends buried the puppies – even sadder was watching the mother dog desperately trying to find life amidst the lifeless pile of puppies who never had a chance at life. How negligent and tragic that local residents never bothered to report the death of the puppies to authorities – a pathetic  testimonial to the lack of respect for all sentient animals.

In a country where  the punishment for animal cruelty commonly adds up to less than a one dollar fine, another photo of deplorable animal cruelty went viral just days ago. Shravan Krishnan, founder of the animal shelter Hotel for Dogs located in Chennai, India arrived too late to rescue a Great Dane abandoned on the streets  after the dog was left to starve to death. (See the photo of the dog and read her story here.)

“I don’t know your name. I don’t know your age. I don’t know who dumped you. I don’t know your history. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you and hope you’re in a better place now,” stated Krishnan on his Facebook page.

Read more about animal cruelty in Mumbai when wealthy residents hired a maintenance man to kill 11 newborn puppies because they cried and bothered the homeowners. To add to the rampant abuse, in the Indian city of Hyderabad, four stray dogs were tortured in the third incident of egregious animal cruelty in less than two weeks, reported the Indian Express.  A week before that, a group of teenagers shared a horrifying three minute video from their cellphone to social media of them throwing terrified puppies into a lit fire and then using sticks to prevent the helpless little ones from escaping. Eight teenagers, as young as 14 have been arrested and charged with the heinous crime. Another egregious incident involved a medical student throwing a dog off a several story balcony for “fun.” Fortunately that dog survived. When is India going to wake up?

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14 replies
  1. edward says:

    You m************ you have taken life for no reason you dope attic f****** a low-life alcoholics I would take to heroin needle in each one of you put it right to your f****** I into the other side of your f****** head into the exploded in massive pain to lowlight then have you poured over gasoline like you’re on fire and laugh my ass off as you’re running for your life telephone no we’re not done that takes up uric acid ships in your eyes with dry ice and burned your f****** eyes I’ll see you can never f****** s*** you f****** piece of garbage rest of these puppies I’m sorry

  2. Debbie Deutscher says:

    Low life disrespectful pieces of shit should not be walking on this earth all animals deserve family and life Karma is coming for all you losers. What pieces of shit??does to a Animals Should Be Done To All Animal ABUSERS Heartless Losers No Respect For Low Life Scum Bags That Can Hurt A Beautiful Living Creature???

    • Pamela Lynne Grant says:

      Those animal abusers need to suffer and die a slow painful death. They dont deserve to live. God put animals on this earth for us to take care of them, not abuse and kill them.They make me sick to my stomach. They are the scum of the earth. God will punish those who abuse animals and they will endure a fate worse than what they doled out.They are dirty motherf——!!!!

      • Charlotte says:

        You Animal killers will pay dearly. My lord will take care of you in the most vial ways. All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be in yalls shoes for nothing. Gods wrath is ruthless. Turn your ways around now or face the hardest judgements ever! God hold your arms around the ones that have been taken.

  3. Nicole says:

    It’s time to seek out these monsters and give them the same faith that these fur babies suffered through their hands.When I see horror like I see in these posts,I want to take a rifle and kill them all!!!!!!!

  4. Nilanjana Chatterjee says:

    This is horrible. I hope the guilty is punished. Animal cruelty laws are very weak in India and they need to be changed immediately and made effective. The government should do something about it

  5. Semantha samson says:

    I feel like there’s no hope for animal to live in this cruel and disgusting world of human. I hope that this people who torture this innocent angel will face the consequences worst than what have the poor babies been through and everyone should be aware that animal need us so much they need to be take care, need to be love and need to be safe in a good place. Please do not ignore of what’s going wrong around you defend for these poor animal like how you would defend for you belonging and they are god beautiful creation treat them equally like human.



  7. Bev Woodburn says:

    All these psychopathic depraved animal torturing monsters must be put to death and suffer the unimaginable heinous torture and suffering these monsters committed against their helpless and defenceless victims.
    Come on India wake up to yourselves and change your Animal Protect Laws to stricter Laws immediately so all animal torturers and abusers are put to death by the same unimaginable heinous torture and suffering these monsters committed against their precious and innocent victims.
    In a country where the punishment for animal cruelty commonly adds up to less than a one dollar fine, is an absolute disgrace. All these psychopathic depraved animal torturing monsters must be punished by the death penalty. This is the only way that these psycho depraved animal torturing monsters will be stopped, whether they are the vile and evil kids or adults. They all must die.
    RIP all the precious and innocent sentient beings who have been tortured heinously to death by the vile and evil psychopathic depraved animal torturing monsters. All of the precious and innocent souls who have suffered the vilest of deaths are intelligent, they love their families, they value their lives and they have the same capacity to feel love, joy, pain and fear as humans. And all these precious sentient beings want is to live. But their precious and innocent lives are taken so heinously by the animal torturing psychopathic depraved subhuman monsters, the filth of our planet earth.
    So please India stop these animal torturing psychopathic depraved monsters by introducing much stricter Animal Protection Laws that will put to death the monsters who deliberately torture the innocent and voiceless sentient beings.


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