mean boy abuses dog

Mean child caught abusing small dog

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A mean child has been caught on video abusing a small dog. According to Friday’s Sun U.K., the video was recently uploaded to social media and outrage quickly ensued by those who watched the shocking footage.

Almost as disturbing as the appalling behavior by the young child is the action, or lack thereof, of the boy who is capturing the abusive situation on video. The older boy behind the camera merely laughs at the abusive behavior…no effort to stop the younger child from hurting the small dog.


The young child at the heart of the shocking video repeatedly hits and spits the frightened small dog. At no point in the video does the dog try to lash out at the boy – instead, he (or she) only tries, unsuccessfully, to run away.

Nobody knows where this disturbing abuse took place – nor the fate of the small dog on the receiving end of the abuse.

Click here to watch the video on The Sun U.K. – disturbing content.

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    • Steve Jakobs says:

      I agree 100%…Normally I’m not in favor of ever hitting a kid, unless they really deserve it…this is one of those times, you have to teach this kid, he can’t be abusing innocent animals…

  1. Heulwen says:

    My little boy cried looking at these photos … he’s being raised to respect love and protect all animals … i dread to think what the boy in the video will grow up to be!!! Poor little pup ?

  2. Liz B says:

    The. parents of those boys must be so proud–but then again I am sure they are copying the behavior they see at home. How sad and horrible for that little defenseless dog. I’d like to beat both of those boys. I hope they are found and punished and the parents, too.

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Les parents sont responsables, ils doivent payer pour le monstre qu’ils ont engendré. Justine doit être faite. Pas de pitié pour cette barbarie, enfants ou pas.

  4. Michele Broadie says:

    I’d beat the shit out of both of them and the asshole parents!!! The parents are probably abusers too, shame on them. What goes around comes around.

  5. agrippamom says:

    That kid undoubtedly learned this behavior at home. Sounds like a family that probably never should have been allowed to reproduce. The parents need to be dealt with, locked away in one way or another where they can never infect another child, and the children need to be helped, if possible, and kept from continuing the cycle, if not.

  6. barbara stichinsy says:

    If these were my children I’d beat the ever loving shit outta them .Then I’d tie them up to a tree and set them burning while still alive until their last sob ash fell. They will never hurt another animal again. I’d personally guarantee it.

  7. Rose Maytin says:

    No wonder they havnt been caught you don’t show the childs face and the video. How is anyone supposed to identify them? Why would you post this. It just makes people trying to help feel helpless. Senseless post while the animal is probably dead or still suffering abuse.

  8. RONEL says:

    I wish that that its not nessasary to wait for PETITIONS to be sign first,before humans pay for any form of animal abuse. The government must see that these potential MURDERERS,and see the red flag when this happpens,and handle this as a serious crime..

  9. RONEL says:

    Government must treat this as a serious crime,as these HUMANS are potential MURDERERS. Dont take this lightly. Dont wait for PETITIONS to be signed. Act immediately.

  10. Kellyville says:

    Why hasn’t anyone exposed the source of the video??? I’ve looked everywhere and every report is the same. If it went viral when uploaded on social media, there’s some out there that knows who this is.

  11. rieann says:

    they learn it at home, the 2 kids need to be off the street they are sick little pieces of shit, and bs not being able to find out who it is just dont want to, it was uploaded you CAN FIND THEM, LAZY

  12. Linda Wood says:

    Find this family. Take the dog away and give it to loving family. I would take the dog if I wasn’t on the other side of the world. Get some professional help for these kids. Children who abuse animals often move to on to abuse people. Set up a register of animals abusers.


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