Wealthy Mumbai residents hire janitor to kill newborn puppies because of their yelping and barking

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More animal cruelty reports in  Mumbai, India emerged this week; this time coming out of the posh neighborhood where snooty Mira Road residents of the upscale Sandstone Cooperative Houseing Society  hired a cleaning supervisor to kill 11 newborn puppies,  because the tiny yelps and barks bothered some of the residents, reports DNA India. mumbai puppies

The puppies were gathered together in the pouring rain and packed into a black plastic garbage bag and then thrown into the garbage bin. Had it not been for an animal lover and resident of the building, Shefali Agarwal, who photographed the images of the supervisor identified as Charlie and reported the disgusting act to police, the puppies would have died.

“After going through the CCTV footage, we have registered a case under the relevant sections of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 against the chariman, secretary and the housekeeping supervisor of the society,” stated Police Inspector Jagdish Shinde.Mumbai puppies 2

Peace for Animals Welfare Association (PAWA) filed a formal complaint. Fortunately the puppies, who were only a few days old and had not even opened their eyes yet, survived their terrible ordeal, but had been in shock and sick from exposure to the inclement weather. The mother dog was spotted frantically searching for her puppies around the complex, and only ate food she was offered once her puppies were returned.

Just one week ago, in the Indian city of Hyderabad, four stray dogs were tortured in the third incident of egregious animal cruelty in less than two weeks, reported the Indian Express.  A week before that, a group of teenagers shared a horrifying three minute video from their cellphone to social media of them throwing terrified puppies into a lit fire and then using sticks to prevent the helpless little ones from escaping. Eight teenagers, as young as 14 have been arrested and charged with the heinous crime. Another egregious incident involved a medical student throwing a dog off a several story balcony for “fun.”

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(Photos courtesy of PAWA)



6 replies
  1. SunWolf (Beth)Chaney says:

    Thank goodness for the witness! Can Only Imagine what mother dog was going throgh in trying to find her pups, hope they will be ok.?

  2. maxiemom says:

    So glad there was a witness who was able to do something about it. The scumbag residents who put the janitor and management up to this need to be put in jail also, because they’re the ones ultimately responsible for this. I don’t understand the kind of filth capable of doing cruel acts like this, but I hope they get what they’ve earned for their deeds.

  3. virginia green says:

    take all whoo killed or hurt the 4 legged kids wearing fur and did the stuff to them and then jail for what they did to the little kids wearing fur.put them in jail with people that likes animals.im glad puppies and mommmy is doing ok now.

  4. clean says:

    I have always thought people can show more empathy towards animals than other human beings. That being said, if these people are unable to show empathy towards a puppy, they are what clinical psychology describes as psychopaths. They have some serious psychological issues that should not and cannot be overlooked. This is not just cruelty towards animals. If the janitor could kill a puppy so easily, they can as easily kill a human being.

  5. Ankita Barde says:

    Exactly , very true , such people who can Kill innocent puppies, they can someday kill human also. Other people in their society should be careful from them and they should be jailed for such act.In fact they should also be packed in a bag and put in gutter


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